This page lists the UNSW prize winners for 2007.

We congratulate all medallists and prize winners on their excellent performance!

University Medallists

The University Medal is one of the most distinguished awards to be bestowed on an undergraduate.

University Medallists 2007

University Medal in Accounting: SS Alim, AYS Tse
University Medal in Actuarial Studies: SE Wills
University Medal in Aerospace Engineering: Y Chew
University Medal in Architecture: M Ghaly
University Medal in Bioinformatics: L Ma
University Medal in Biological Ecology: AJ Carthey
University Medal in Biotechnology: KKJ Low, PT Rao
University Medal in Chemical Engineering: HTR Wiogo
University Medal in Civil and Environmental Engineering: JJ Patterson
University Medal in Civil Engineering: CD Wasko
University Medal in Computer Engineering: Y Hsieh
University Medal in Computer Science: AJ Appleyard, DJ Greenaway
University Medal in Construction Management and Property: S Rose
University Medal in Criminology: AM Wilson
University Medal in Economics: R Alam
University Medal in Electrical Engineering: NC Laydrus, TF Yap
University Medal in Environmental Engineering: CJ Miller, NE Webb
University Medal in Finance: OJC Maher, SAH Shah Idil
University Medal in Fine Arts: PJ Williams
University Medal in Food Science and Technology: AL Nguyen
University Medal in Genetics: A McLean
University Medal in Geography: AA Kamp, CMM Steinfeld
University Medal in Geology: KV Whittock
University Medal in Industrial Chemistry: P Dinatale, AJ Inglis
University Medal in Information Systems and Management: Z De Souza
University Medal in Landscape Architecture: GA Parke
University Medal in Law: S Conroy, KKY Mak
University Medal in Mechanical Engineering: MA Whitty
University Medal in Mechatronic Engineering: TJR Arnott, PDK Nguyen, KW Siew
University Medal in Medical Microbiology and Immunology: A Ayer
University Medal in Medicine: AC Henschke
University Medal in Microbiology: SM Man
University Medal in Optometry: JA Barr
University Medal in Pathology: GH Chang
University Medal in Philosophy: B Herscovitch
University Medal in Photovoltaic and Solar Energy: A Sugianto
University Medal in Physical Metallurgy: TE Burgess
University Medal in Planning: KL Pryce
University Medal in Politics and International Relations: B Healy-Aarons
University Medal in Process Metalurgy: JM Oakley
University Medal in Psychology: AR Camilleri, GKY Lau
University Medal in Pure Mathematics: K Panda, BJ Sanders
University Medal in Sociology: FJY Chiew
University Medal in Software Engineering: JJ McAuley, CSY Dang
University Medal in Statistics: X Lei
University Medal in Surveying and Spatial Information Systems: JM Phipps

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2007 UNSW Prizes

By Faculty

Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences

School of English, Media & Performing Arts

The Australian Federation of University Women - NSW Prize: KE Steinweg
The Bill Ashcroft Prize for Australian Studies: L Taylor, N Wijeyamohan (shared)
The English Association Prize: ML Grant
The English Prize for First Year Students: A Street
The RG Geering Prize in Australian Literature: A Lucewicz
The Sydney Symphony Prize: S Orlik

School of History & Philosophy

The Aisling Society Prize in History: S Watson
The Dennis Balson Chinese Philosophy Prize: CJ Reid,MD Schiller (shared)
The Dorothy Allison-Furhagen Prize in Women's and Gender Studies: ES Wise
The Frank Crowley Australian History Prize: ML Hastie
The History Prize: L Raco, CM Robson (shared)
The Ian Black Prize: A Street
The Ian J Bickerton Postgraduate History Prize: BI Tovias De Plaisted
The John Laffin Travelling Award: LM Grumley
The Maxwell Aubrey Phillips Prize: JA Barrett, AJ Bruce (shared)
The Mitchell Mature Age Student Prize: OR Hilton
The United Association of Women Prize: P Houseman
The Women's Pioneer Society of Australia Prize: BB Fan

School of Languages & Linguistics

The Benchmark Prize in Hispanic Studies 1: P Pahl
The Benchmark Prize in Hispanic Studies 2: EE Whitby
The Benchmark Prize in Hispanic Studies 3: RA Johnson
The Chinese Language Prize: M Uy
The Chinese Studies Prize: A Vivant
The Mar Prize in Linguistics: RJ McMurtrie

School of Social Sciences & International Studies

The Australian Finance Conference Prize in Policy Studies: RH Maiden
The Bachelor of International Studies Final Year Program Prize: DV McIlwain
The Bachelor of International Studies Prize: NJ O'Brien
The Insight Group Prize for Honours in Social Science: AM Wilson
The Pat Hall-Ingrey Prize: AJ Driver
The Rob Steven Prize: AM Butler
The Sol Encel Prize: FJ Chiew
The Sydney Morning Herald Prize: J Roth
The Zappia Prize: B Healy-Aarons

Faculty of Built Environment

Architecture Program

The RAIA NSW Chapter Award for History and Theory for Year 4 & 5: BM O'Kane
The RAIA NSW Chapter Award for Years 1-3: J Martin

Construction Management & Property Program

The Head of Program Prize: L Chung
The Multiplex Constructions Prize: SC Rose
The Program Director's Prize: EJ Hartley
The RAIA NSW Chapter Award for Year 4 and 5: CC Bridge

Interior Architecture Program

The Davenport Campbell Prize: A Barnes
The Harry Stephens Prize in Interior Architecture: M Prasetia
The Mary Broinowski Prize for Interior Architecture: TR Bunting

Landscape Architecture Program

The Australian Institute of Landscape Architects NSW Prize: S Lloyd
The PLACE Planning and Design Prize: GA Parke
The Tract Consultants Portfolio Prize: LE Crane

Planning & Urban Development

The City of Sydney George Clarke Memorial Prize: AK Stone
The Department of Planning Prize: BN Fernandes
The Elias Duek-Cohen Prize for Urban Design: KL Tudehope
The Gary Shiels & Associates Prize: AK Stone
The Hans Westerman Prize: RH Coelho
The John Shaw Memorial Prize: KE O'Donnell
The Landcom Prize: SA Hatherly

Australian School of Business

School of Accounting

The CPA Australia Corporate Accounting Prize: J Hu, AM Young (shared)
The CPA Australia Prize for Year 1: WT Qiu
The CPA Australia Prize for Year 2: EY Chau
The CPA Australia Prize for Year 3: A Sriravindrarajah
The McGraw-Hill Book Prize: AM Young
The Thomson Legal and Regulatory Prize: CH Ng

School of Banking & Finance

The Citigroup Global Markets Prize in International Banking: TK Liu
The Deutsche Bank Prize: U Helmes
The Deutsche Bank Prize (Financial Modelling for Funds Management): JM Duong
The Deutsche Bank Prize (Research Methods in Finance 1): SM Pow
The Tibra Trading Prize: U Helmes

School of Economics

The Australian Finance Conference Prize: MR Abbott
The Department of Employment & Workplace Relations Prize in Economics of Labour Markets: E Gitelman
The Department of Employment and Workplace Relations Prize in Applied Econometrics: R Alam

Faculty of Engineering

The Faculty of Engineering Dean's Award 2007 recognises study completed in 2006. 
All other prizes are awarded for academic achievement in 2007.

The Faculty of Engineering Dean's Award

CJ Anderson, G Anggono, TJ Arnott, Y Bai, DI Barker, F Booth, TL Brain, RW Britton, S Brown, KK Ch'ng, KW Chan, RT Chan, W Chan, D Chanderson, I Chandrawansa, Z Chen, R Chiu, ML Christian, CC Chua, BC Chung, HA Cover, THY Dang, K Das, Denny, P Dinatale, DE Djunaedi, SJ Dransfield, ES Gan, LC Gates, RJ Gelson, RJ Gerrand, WT Goodwin, DJ Greenaway, A Gunawan, BJ Hallam, PG Hamer, T Hetherington, CY Ho, SM Hodgson, R Huang, P Johnstone, KY Kam, JR Kelly, R Koe, A Kuptsov, W Kusakunniran, KH Kwok, HY Lai, GC Lam, GT Lam, WT Lam, AV Lang, VH Lee, SH Leung, JC Liang, BJ Lim, AW Lo, E Lubarsky, MW Lunney, L Ma, AM Mahroof, DJ Maunder, JJ McAuley, TJ McGann, DJ McGeary, S McNally, CJ Miller, T Molomby, J Nagel, OS Nawrot, AE Ng, AL Nguyen, CD Nugroho, V Papalia, JJ Patterson, SJ Pearson, JM Phipps, JJ Pla ,AB Ratter, J Reslan, G Robinson, A Salim, MK Sarlej, A Setiawan, HX Shen, KW Siew, AP Simpson, A Soetanto, A Sugianto, NT Symonds, M Tan, YK Tan, TC Teo, DA Terei, MJ Tippett, RG Towner, SK Tyrrell, NM Underwood, JA Van Hensbergen, P Varanasi, S Vasudevan, AT Vu, MX Wang, CD Wasko, NJ Webb, NE Webb, BO White, MA Whitty, Y Wicaksana, TC Wiley, CR Williams, M Wysocki, HC Xiao, TF Yap, Yeap Chee Keong, DJ Zhu, Y Zhu, YJ Zhu (shared)

School of Civil & Environmental Engineering

The Alexander Wargon Prize: H Hartono
The Civil and Environmental Engineering Geotechnical Discipline Prize: A Salim
The Civil and Environmental Engineering Transport Discipline Prize: M Rainbow
The Civil and Environmental Engineering Water Discipline Prize: CD Wasko
The Civil Engineering Industrial Training Prize: MA Vermeulen
The Civil Engineering Practice Prize: AS Bennett
The Civil and Environmental Engineering Construction Management Discipline Prize: AT Vu
The Civil and Environmental Engineering Environmental Discipline Prize: CJ Miller
The Civil and Environmental Engineering Structures Discipline Prize: SM Ongley
The Environmental Engineering Industrial Training Prize: J Tangtrakarn
The Environmental Engineering Practice Prize: CR Williams
The Groundwater Discipline Prize: JJ Patterson
The Jeffery and Katauskas Prize: VH Lee
The Welding Technology Institute of Australia Prize: R Yap

School of Computer Science & Engineering

The Avaya Australia Prize for Year 1 Computing: N Astria
The CSE Undergraduate Performance Award Year 1: DG Claridge, AD Cameron, BE White, SM Robinson, N Astria, VH Lee, M Godfrey, T Hussein, JM Bungard, AL Lowe (shared)
The CSE Undergraduate Performance Award Year 2: P Varanasi, AW Lo, TC Wiley, S McNally, NJ Webb, XR Chan, WT Lam, M Hills, JP Beck, M Sayseng (shared)
The CSE Undergraduate Performance Award Year 3: B Kalman, MX Wang, M Tan, A Goel, JS Matthews, YK Wong, HX Shen, X Liang, A Campbell-Smith, R Ericson (shared)
The CSE Undergraduate Performance Award Year 4: AJ Appleyard, Y Widjaja, R Chiu, TP Rahilly, M Momdjian, JS Wong, Y Zhang, JA Gentle, GY Xu, LS Xia (shared)
The IBM ADL Canberra (OzLabs) Operating Systems Prize: JS Matthews
The Inaugural NICTA Performance Award: AJ Appleyard
The Macquarie Performance Award for Year 1: AD Cameron, DG Claridge, BE White (shared)
The Macquarie Performance Award for Year 2: AW Lo, P Varanasi, TC Wiley (shared)
The Microforte COMP4431 Prize: JJ Kurianski,WW Tsang,SH Wang (shared)
The Oakton Performance Award: S Sehgal
The Sensory Networks Algorithms & Programming Technology Prize: AA Bilh, MA Heike, SH Wang (shared)
The Skillsearch Computing Prize for Year 3 Software Engineering Workshop Group: I Hossain, YB Huang ,M Tan, HH Zhong (shared)

School of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering

The Baird Publications Prize 1: TC Austin-Fraser
The Baird Publications Prize 2: TC Austin-Fraser
The Bassett Acoustics Prize: SJ Dransfield
The C Madhusudana Prize: DC Smyth
The FAG Australia Prize 1: HC Xiao
The FAG Australia Prize 2: HC Xiao
The MSC Software Australia Prize: WT Goodwin
The RAA Bryant Prize: MA Whitty
The Royal Institution of Naval Architects (Australian Division) Prize: MJ Stevens
The Warwick Slade Royal Aeronautical Society Prize: C Bales, JP Baulch, G Castillo, RT Chan, I Cheng, F Hasan, SR Judzewitsch, P Kityanyong, AG Norrie, DA Patton, AT Rogers, DM Teasdale, DL Tran, CL White (shared)

School of Mining Engineering

The Barrick Gold of Australia Prize: JG Hurst
The Barrick Gold of Australia Prize in Mining Engineering: RJ Gelson
The Mitsubishi Prize: RJ Gelson
The Roxborough Prize: JD Tibbett

School of Photovoltaic & Renewable Energy Engineering

Renewable Energy Thesis Prize: SA Spurrett
The Photovoltaics Prize (Applied Photovoltaics): BC Buchanan
The Photovoltaics Thesis Prize: A Sugianto
The Radiant Design Prize: P Nguyen, JA Turle, KS Valliappan, N Western, Y Zhu (shared)
The Steve Robinson Memorial Prize: Z Ouyang
The Suntastic Project Prize: CE Disney

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Faculty of Law

School of Law

The Akira Kawamura/ANjelPrize in Japanese Law: KN Campbell
The Allens Arthur Robinson Prize: R Tao
The Allens Arthur Robinson Prize for Business Association 1: YK Lai
The Allens Arthur Robinson Prize for International Business Finance: J Cheung
The Australian Red Cross NSW Prize for International Humanitarian Law: PJ Forgas
The Cambridge University Press Prize for Restitution: VA Tan
The Freehills Prize for Business Associations 2: JW Siu
The Freehills Prize for Environmental Law: ZD Korosy
The Greenwoods and Freehills Prize in Elements of Income Tax Law: W Lee
The Harmers Workplace Lawyers Award in Employment Law: YG Frisch
The Harmers Workplace Lawyers Award in Industrial Law: KS Dullea
The Indigenous Pre-Law Program Achievement Award: A Walker
The Judge G. Federico Mancini Prize in European Law: TA Somasundaram
The Julius Stone Prize for Law and Social Theory: M Lee
The Julius Stone Prize for Legal Theory: KA Marks
The Kemp Strang Remedies Prize: JF Bennett
The Lauris June Hunt Memorial Prize: X Maes
The LexisNexis Australia Prize for Undergraduate Contracts 1: AA Joannou
The LexisNexis Australia Prize for Undergraduate Criminal Law 1: GW Chipkin
The LexisNexis Australia Prize for Undergraduate Litigation 1: H Pintos-Lopez
The New South Wales Bar Association Prize for Evidence and Advocacy: JB King
The New South Wales Bar Association Prize for Law, Lawyers and Society: E Bathurst
The New South Wales Bar Association Prize for Litigation: JR Hudson
The New South Wales Justices' Association Limited Prize in Administration Law: MJ Nymeyer
The Public Trustee NSW Prize: S Conroy
The Rosemary Howell and Alan Limbury Prize for Dispute Resolution: M Adams
The Sidney Scorer Memorial Prize: AJ Rose
The Sir Alan Taylor Graduate Prize: JS Dorney
The Sir Alan Taylor Undergraduate Prize: EJ Rumble
The Sir Anthony Mason Prize: JA Mansour
The Sir Kevin Ellis Prize: VA Tan
The Speranza Torts Prize: S Sunil Raj
The Steven Seidler Memorial Prize: ZD Korosy
The Thomson Legal and Regulatory Prize in Contract Law: AA Joannou
The Thomson Legal and Regulatory Prize in Criminal Law: LO Tomlin
UNSW Bookshop Prize: ID Gibbs

Australian School of Taxation

The ATMA Prize for Principles of Australian Taxation Law: TC Edwards
The ATMA Prize for Taxation of Industry and Technology: S Srivelan
The Accru+ Prize for Taxation of Capital Gains: MA Leis
The Accru+ Prize for Taxation of Trusts: TI Mangold
The Allens Arthur Robinson Post-Graduate Taxation Studies Prize: NJ Fenner
The CPA Australia (NSW Division) - Accounting 1 Prize: JL Detterer
The CPA Australia (NSW Division) - Taxation of Companies, Trusts and Partnerships Prize: J Marchment
The Commissioner of Taxation Prize: AK Leiper
The DLA Phillips Fox Prize: LC Noble
The John Raneri Memorial Prize: J Marcarian
The LexisNexis Prize for Principles of Australian International Taxation: K Teh
The New South Wales Bar Association Prize for Tax Litigation: LM Dyke
The Savings Factory Prize: AY Klimczak
The Thomson Prize in Principles of Capital Gains Taxation: E Lucey
The Thomson Prize in Tax Policy: EG Love

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Faculty of Medicine

Faculty prizes

The Combined Teaching Hospitals Senior Staff Prize: AC Henschke
The Foundation Year Graduates Medal: VC Bourke
The Graduation Prize in Surgery: AC Henschke
The Wallace Wurth Prize: AC Henschke

School of Medical Science

The Winifred Dickes Rost Prize: SL Forrest
The Istvan Tork Prize in Neuroscience: Z Millan
The Symbion Laverty Pathology Prize in Experimental Biomedical Sciences: P Bhattacharyya
The Doerenkamp-Zbinden Prize in Pharmacology: SJ Humphrey
The DI McCloskey Prize for Physiology Honours: LJ Ng
The Jane Skillen Prize in Anatomy: MW Chow
The FC Courtice Prize: CA Murray, J Mach (shared)
The Paxinos & Watson Prize: J Khan

School of Public Health & Community Medicine

The 2/5 Australian General Hospital Association Prize: MA Hynes
The 2/5 Australian General Hospital Association Prize in General Practice: R Keefe
The 2/5 Australian General Hospital Association Prize in Health Services Management (Nursing): T Dufty
The Australian College of Health Service Executives Prize: W Yeung
The Australian Medical Association Prize for General Practice: KA Ruhl
The Georgouras Prize in Dermatology: N Bart
The Hunt and Hunt Health Law 1 Prize: LM Stephens
The John Hirshman International Health Prize: KL Hobday
The John Hirshman Prize in Public Health: DM Guinot
The School of Public Health and Community Medicine: MY Ngai

School of Women's & Children's Health

The Paediatrics Staff Prize: RC Cole
The Ranzcog Women's Health Prize: A Drenzla
The Richard Johnson Memorial Prize in Paediatrics: LN Connor
The Royal Hospital for Women Senior Medical Staff Council Prize: JR Burston

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Faculty of Science

Department of Aviation

The AOS Airport Consulting Pty Limited Prize for Airport Management: DL Yelf
The Airservices Australia Prize: TH McCarthy
The Qantas Engineering Prize in Airline Management Courses: SV Thevenin
The Qantas Group Safety Prize: DL Yelf
The UNSW Aviation Prize: DL Yelf

School of Biological, Earth & Environmental Science

The FC Loughnan Prize for First Year Geology: RJ McCarroll
The FC Loughnan Prize in Applied Geology: RY Xiang
The JJ Frankel Memorial Prize: D Burkett
The Jack Mabbutt Medal: AA Kamp
The Lorant Eotvos Prize: KV Whittock
The Marilyn Fox Environmental Science Prize: RA Cross
The Prospectors/Suunto Prize: D Burkett
The Structural Geology Field Prize: D Burkett

School of Biotechnology & Biomolecular Science

The Beckman Coulter Prize: EJ Bek
The Clinical Microbiology Update Programme Prize: WW Teng
The GE Healthcare Prize: FL Choo
The Garry King Prize: SP Keam
The Invitrogen Prize: JR Krycer
The School of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Science Prize: JR Krycer
The School of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Science Prize in Level 2 Biochemistry: AW Jellie
The Shelston IP Prize: TC Li

School of Chemistry

The Bosworth Prize in Physical Chemistry: D Hvasanov
The DuPont Australia Prize: CJ Miller
The Inglis Hudson and the Jeffery Bequests: SJ Chan
The June Griffith Memorial Prize: DE Waddington
The Merck Sharp & Dohme (Australia) Pty Limited Prize in Level 2 Chemistry: E Davies
The Merck Sharp & Dohme (Australia) Pty Limited Prize in Level 3 Chemistry: CJ Miller
The RACI Analytical Chemistry Group Prize: CJ Miller
The UNSW Chemical Society Dwyer Prize: AL Gandar
The UNSW Chemical Society George Wright Prize: AJ McSkimming
The UNSW Chemical Society Prize in Level 1 Chemistry: MJ Higgins
The University of New South Wales Chemical Society Parke-Pope Prize: AL Gandar

School of Materials Science & Engineering

The Austral Bricks Prize: CP Dean
The Hugh Muir Prize: TE Burgess
The Materials Australia Prize: A Xu
The Max Hatherly Prize: A Xu

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School of Mathematics & Statistics

Department of Employment and Workplace Relations Prize for Statistical Methods in Social and Market Research: LC Shepherd
The Applied Mathematics Prize: CC Qin
The CH Peck Prize: A Ho
The Head of School's Prize: KY Cheung
The JR Holmes Prize in Level 3 Pure Mathematics: T Li
The JR Holmes Prize in Pass Level Pure Mathematics: MF Albania
The Michael Mihailavitch Erihman Award: CC Qin
The SAS Institute Australia Pty Ltd Prize: DC Wee
The School of Mathematics Level 1 Prize: D Edwards, CP Wong (shared)
The School of Mathematics Level 2 Higher Mathematics Prize: A Ho, AJ Nicholas (shared)
The Weather Company Prize in Fluids, Oceans and Climate: BJ Hallam
The Weather Company Prize in Introduction to Oceanography and Meteorology: BJ Hallam

School of Optometry & Vision Science

The ACBO Prize: MP Bui
The BOC Head of School's Prize: MP Bui
The BOC Ophthalmic Instruments Prize: K Selvakumar
The CooperVision Prize in Clinical Optometry: JA Barr
The CooperVision Prize in Stage 4 Optometry: JA Barr
The Essilor Australia Pty Limited Prize (Dispensing): K Selvakumar
The Essilor Australia Pty Limited Prize for Ocular Disease: PM McNamara
The Neville Fulthorpe Prize for Clinical Excellence: DF Forster
The Optometrists Association Australia Prize: JA Barr
The Transitions Optical Dispensing Prize (Stage 3): KY Cheung
The Transitions Optical Dispensing Prize (Stage 4): K Selvakumar
The WA Opticians Associates Prize for Clinical Optometry: JA Barr

School of Physics

The Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society: RW Britton
The BL Turtle Memorial Astrophysics Prize: W Tang
The First Year Director's Prize: D Edwards
The Gordon and Mabel Godfrey Award in Theoretical Physics 4: TB Leslie
The Gordon and Mabel Godfrey Prize in Theoretical Physics 3: I Watson
The Head of School's Prize in Physics: A Whelan
The Nucletron Prize in Experimental Physics: V Lowe, D Truant (shared)
The Physics Staff Prize for Physics 1: RG Tierney
The Physics Staff Prize for Physics 2: GA McManus
The Physics Staff Prize for Physics Honours: A Whelan

School of Psychology

Staff Prize for First Year Psychology: J Sabanathan,A Street (shared)
The Australian Psychological Society Prize: AR Camilleri
The Joseph P Forgas Honours Prize: EC Fabiansson, GK Lau (shared)
The Joseph P Forgas Third Year Prize: UM Sansom-Daly
The Milon Buneta Prize: SY Li
The Psychology Staff Prize: SY Li
The Staff Prize for Second Year Psychology: A Bove
The Staff Prize for Third Year Psychology: SR Makkar
The Stephanie J Moylan Memorial Prize: AJ Golding
The Syd Lovibond Prize for Psychology Honours: GK Lau
The Talent Technologies Prize for Demonstrated Statistical Excellence in Organisational Psychology: F Ngai

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Institute of Environmental Studies

The EIANZ Prize

T Fiedler

The Harding Prize

KJ Norris, MC Parks (shared)

The UNSW Bookshop Frameworks for Environmental Management Prize

C Fitzpatrick, DE Georgievski, G Smith, ML Unger (shared)

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