This page lists the UNSW prize winners for 2005.

We congratulate all medallists and prize winners on their excellent performance!

University Medallists

The University Medal is one of the most distinguished awards to be bestowed on an undergraduate.

University Medallists 2005

University Medal in Accounting C Barnsley

University Medal in Aeronautical Engineering MG Brown

University Medal in Aerospace Engineering LP Djukic; C Hales

University Medal in Architecture S Pratt

University Medal in Art Theory JA Stein

University Medal in Biological Ecology RM Basham

University Medal in Biotechnology TTH Le

University Medal in Business Economics R Belkar

University Medal in Business Information Technology MJ Reggers

University Medal in Chemical Engineering RJ Kempton

University Medal in Chemistry SR Beeren

University Medal in Computer Engineering A Nourai; MJ Warton

University Medal in Computer Science AP Schuck

University Medal in Development Studies & Politics and International Relations L Wells

University Medal in Econometrics WP Chanthapun

University Medal in Electrical Engineering KD Petersson; KY Tang

University Medal in Engineering Physics YWT Chung

University Medal in Environmental Engineering AL Dennison

University Medal in Finance YS Hall

University Medal in Fine Arts AJ Williams

University Medal in Food Science and Technology T Middleton

University Medal in Geology LT White

University Medal in Human Resource Management R Howlett

University Medal in Law JJ Chang; CE Inder; K Van Zwieten

University Medal in Marine Science (Marine Biology) KA Dafforn

University Medal in Mechanical Engineering R Coxon

University Medal in Mechatronic Engineering Y Lou; LC Mak

University Medal in Medicine VJ Wilkinson

University Medal in Microbiology HA Schmidt

University Medal in Mining Engineering MR Willson

University Medal in Molecular Biology FLY Ng; M Pinese

University Medal in Naval Architecture CR Singleton

University Medal in Optometry C Chu

University Medal in Philosophy BG Schulz

University Medal in Physics D Tompsett

University Medal in Psychology LC Haynes

University Medal in Pure Mathematics MP Arumugam

University Medal in Social Work SD Kendall

University Medal in Software EngineeringN Morioka

University Medal in Statistics DK Lo

University Medal in Telecommunications FR Allen

2005 UNSW Prizes

By Faculty

Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences

School of English

The Aisling Society Prize in English: LD Hin
The English Association Prize: LT Joseph
The School of English Prize for First Year English: DH Noyes

School of History

The Aisling Society Prize in History: KT Ho
The Frank Crowley Australian History Prize: CF Chan
The History Prize: CR Harris
The Ian Black Prize: ZJ Pollock
The Ian J. Bickerton Postgraduate History Prize: SB Johnson
The Maxwell Aubrey Phillips Prize: CR Harris
The Mitchell Mature Age Student Prize: LJ Pearcey
The United Association of Women Prize: AM Gray
The Women's Pioneer Society of Australia Prize: SE Crane

School of Modern Language Studies

The Benchmark Prize in Hispanic Studies: RW Curtis
The Benchmark Prize in Hispanic Studies: JR Kavanagh
The Benchmark Prize in Hispanic Studies: RJ McMurtrie
The Chinese Language Prize: SN Hawkins
The Chinese Studies Essay Prize: CY Lo
The Goethe Prize: CA Mason
The Han Sol Prize: CC Ng
The Mar Prize in Linguistics: AL Dickson
The Japanese Honours Prize: D Kim
The Kintetsu International Express (Oceania) Prize: RH Cheng
The Sydney Korean Consul-General Prize in Korean Communications B: DV McIlwain
The Sydney Korean Consul-General Prize in Translation B: MS Lee
The Yoshinoya Prize: JE Huh

School of Philosophy

The Yap Kooi Hee Prize: BG Schulz

School of Politics & International Relations

The Graham Pringle Prize: AD Manahan
The Rob Steven Prize: CD Carr
The School of Politics and International Relations Honours Year Prize: BE Dyer
The Staff of the School of Politics and International Relations Prize: PP Ching
The Sydney Morning Herald Prize: CA Churchill
The Zappia Prize: L Wells

School of Social Sciences & Policy

The Australian Finance Conference Prize in Policy Studies: KG Ragel
The Insight Group Prize: H Vilevska
The Insight Group Prize for Honours in Social Science: TM Carney
The School of Social Science and Policy First Year Prize: P Sareen
The School of Social Science and Policy Second Year Prize: SS Tan

School of Social Work

The Helen Sham Ho Prize: EJ Hamilton
The John Lawrence Prize: A Artemi
The Marg Barry Prize in Social Work: N Levett
The Norma Parker Prize: HG James
The Tony Vinson Prize in Social Work: CS Parsell

School of Sociology & Anthropology

The Sol Encel Prize: NE Davis,DK Marlin (shared)

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Faculty of Built Environment

Architecture Program

The Board of Architects of New South Wales Final Year Prize: L Katz
The Board of Architects of New South Wales Prize for Year 1: J Martin
The Board of Architects of New South Wales Prize for Year 2: JT Barclay
The Board of Architects of New South Wales Prize for Year 3: TR Cole
The Board of Architects of New South Wales Prize for Year 4: A Sunderland
The Australian Institute of Building Chapter Medal: SW Tan
The Head of Program Prize: JL Ngu
The Reed Constructions Prize: AC Demetriou

Interior Architecture Program

The Davenport Campbell Prize: SY Yong
The Mary Broinowski Prize for Interior Architecture: M Paulsen

Landscape Architecture Program

The Australian Institute of Landscape Architects NSW Prize: JC Gill
The Harry Howard Prize in Landscape Architecture: BW Norman
The Lindsay Robertson Memorial Prize: IC Lopes
The PLACE Planning and Design Prize: N Gilbert
The Tract Consultants Portfolio Prize: D Sharp

Planning & Urban Development

The City of Sydney George Clarke Memorial Prize: DL Quintal
The Department of Planning Prize: AM Bowden
The Elias Duek-Cohen Prize for Urban Design: K Small
The Hans Westerman Prize: PN Crawshaw
The Landcom Prize: AK Stone
The Planning Institute of Australia (NSW Division) Prize: KL Pryce
The Planning Institute of Australia (NSW Division) Prize for Excellence in Integrated Planning: NC Murray
The Sydney Water Prize For Environmental Management Planning and Urban Development: CM Jones

Faculty of Commerce & Economics

School of Banking & Finance

The Citigroup Prize for International Banking: AM Chew
The Deutsche Bank Prize in Investment Management Modelling: US Chopra
The Deutsche Bank Prize in Security Analysis and Valuation: M Gupta
The Deutsche Bank Prize in Strategies for International Funds Management: WW Huen

Faculty of Engineering

The Faculty of Engineering Dean's Award

R Coxon

School of Chemical Engineering & Industrial Chemistry

The Australasian Corrosion Association (NSW Branch) Award: AJ Inglis
The Australian Institute of Energy (AIE) Prize: JA Van Hensbergen
The Era Polymers Prize in Industrial Chemistry: TV Nguyen
The Era Polymers Prize in Year 3 Industrial Chemistry: AJ Inglis
The Fuel Technology Staff Prize: MM Hone
The Norman Prize in Chemical Engineering: Y Goon
The Samos Polymers Prize in Advanced Polymers: GO Hart-Smith
The Samos Polymers Prize in Industrial Chemistry: JA Van Hensbergen

School of Civil & Environmental Engineering

The Australian Institute of Traffic Planning and Management Prize: A Bean
The Civil & Environmental Engineering Geotechnical Discipline Prize: DJ Hemraj
The Civil & Environmental Engineering Transport Discipline Prize: S Liu
The Civil & Environmental Engineering Water Discipline Prize: TP Pinzone
The Civil Engineering Industrial Training Prize: M McCombe
The Civil Engineering Practice Prize: MR Curry
The Civil and Environmental Engineering Construction Management Discipline Prize: SG Smith
The Civil and Environmental Engineering Environmental Discipline Prize: HV Rowley
The Civil and Environmental Engineering Structures Discipline Prize: HC Chan
The Computing Prize: GT Lam
The Enviromental Engineering Practice Prize: EM Cini
The Environmental Engineering Industrial Training Prze: LM Pollard
The Jeffery and Katauskas Prize: S Amidharmo
The Maunsell Waste Management Prize: MR Soleiman
The Maunsell Waste Project Prize: Y Tian

School of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering

The Baird Publications Prize 1: J Mycroft
The Baird Publications Prize 2: J Mycroft
The C Madhusudana Prize: TJ McGann
The CRC-ACS Prize: LP Djukic
The Computer-based Engineering Design Prize: J Simpson
The David Carment Memorial Prize: CR Singleton
The FAG Australia Prize in Design: MA Whitty
The FAG Australia Prize in Year 2: SJ Dransfield
The John Harrison Prize: PM Paramanathan
The MSC.Software Australia Prize: L Kark
The Maintenance Engineering Society of Australia Prize: D Arnautovich
The R E Jeffries Memorial Prize: H UI
The RAA Bryant Prize: R Coxon
The RS Components Prize for Engineering Excellence: MR Poole
The Royal Institution of Naval Architects (Australian Division) Prize: CR Singleton
The Warwick Slade Royal Aeronautical Society Prize: H Goh

School of Mining Engineering

The Mitsubishi Prize: HJ Wenke
The Roxborough Prize: SC Douglas
The Stan Sawyer Memorial Prize: MR Willson

School of Petroleum Engineering

The AusIMM/Santos Prize: DJ Hill
The ESSO Australia Prize in Petroleum Economics: E Chen
The ESSO Australia Prize in Reservoir Engineering: E Chen
The ModuSpec Prize in Design Project: DD Kilroy
The ModuSpec Prize in Well Drilling Equipment and Operations: BA Hadisubrata
The Woodside Energy Ltd Prize: Y Mahabeer

School of Surveying & Spatial Information Systems

The AAMHatch Prize: WR Johansen
The Board of Surveying and Spatial Information Gold Medal: SM Hoffmann
The CIVILCAD Prize: MJ Kadziela
The Consulting Surveyors' NSW Prize in Land Development: MJ Kadziela
The George Bennett Millennium Prize: L Chen
The Institution of Surveyors New South Wales Incorporated Prize: SM Hoffmann
The R S Mather Memorial Prize: MJ Kadziela
The Sinclair Knight Merz Prize: JM Phipps
The Spatial Sciences Insitute Prize: WH Chan

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Faculty of Law

School of Law

The Akira Kawamura/ANjelPrize in Japanese Law: CP Lawson
The Allens Arthur Robinson Prize for Business Association 1: A Varvachtian
The Allens Arthur Robinson Prize for International Business Finance: ML Humphery
The Australian Red Cross NSW Prize for International Humanitarian Law: MS Port
The Banki Haddock Fiora Prize in Intellectual Property: PH Lo
The Blake Dawson Waldron Property and Equity Prize: S Conroy
The Blake Dawson Waldron Trade Practices Prize: L Kow
The Booz Allen Hamilton Prize: Y Liu
The Cambridge University Press Prize for Restitution: MY Leung
The Dibbs Abbott Stillman Lawyers Prize: D Kutcher
The Freehills Prize for Business Associations 2: G Young
The Freehills Prize for Elements of Income Tax Law: S Tekkatte
The Freehills Prize for Environmental Law: TA Sheehan
The Harmers Workplace Lawyers Award in Employment Law: SM Grey
The Indigenous Pre-Law Program Achievement Award: GL Gawthorne
The Jee Shong Yeng Memorial Prize: NA Sinclair
The Joy Van Ardenne Memorial Prize: D Yap
The Judge Bellear Prize for Discrimination and the Law: SJ McSkimming,KT Temby (shared)
The Judge G. Federico Mancini Prize in European Law: CS Boyages
The Julius Stone Prize for Law and Social Theory: A Grey,MD Retter (shared)
The Julius Stone Prize for Legal Theory: SY Phang,TD Randall (shared)
The Kemp Strang Remedies Prize: LC Creswell
The Lauris Jane Hunt Memorial Prize: AJ Houlton,BG Maynard (shared)
The LexisNexis Australia Prize for Undergraduate Contracts 1: M Alhadeff
The LexisNexis Australia Prize for Undergraduate Criminal Law 1: E Sarofim
The LexisNexis Australia Prize for Undergraduate Litigation 1: D Hume
The Michael Pandelis Award: F Boyages,EY Yeung (shared)
The New South Wales Bar Association Prize for Evidence and Advocacy: SJ Clark
The New South Wales Bar Association Prize for Law, Lawyers and Society: ML Humphery
The New South Wales Bar Association Prize for Litigation: AM Chew,A Gordon,D Hume (shared)
The New South Wales Justices' Association Limited Prize in Administration Law: A Gelda,S Wong-Chung-Lung (shared)
The Norman and Elma Hunt Memorial Prize: L Beck
The Public Trustee NSW Prize: TA Sheehan
The Raif Thevar Wu and Associates Prize: A Chui
The Rosemary Howell and Alan Limbury Prize for Dispute Resolution: DM Jenner
The Sidney Scorer Memorial Prize: VL Bloch,S Conroy,NK Tobias (shared)
The Sir Anthony Mason Prize: S Pillai
The Sir Alan Taylor Graduate Prize: AJ Downes
The Sir Alan Taylor Undergraduate Prize: J Roth
The Sir Kevin Ellis Prize: K Lee
The Speranza Torts Prize: E Bathurst
The Thomson Legal and Regulatory Prize in Contract Law: D Levi,RM Webb (shared)

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Faculty of Medicine

School of Public Health and Community Medicine
The 2/5 Australian General Hospital Association Prize: CC Swan
The 2/5 Australian General Hospital Association Prize: JY Paik
The Australian Medical Association Prize for General Practice: JY Paik
The Department of Health, Rural General Practice Prize: GA Lang
The Georgouras Prize in Dermatology: BM Getta
The Hunt and Hunt Health Law 1 Prize: EM Sung
The John Hirshman International Health Prize: BM Fitz-Henry
The John Hirshman Prize in Public Health: TD Shortus
The School of Public Health and Community Medicine: SW Ku

Faculty of Science

Department of Aviation

The AOS Airport Consulting Pty Limtied Prize for Airport Management: PT Hua
The Qantas Group Safety Prize: JW Wong
The UNSW Aviation Prize: JW Wong

School of Biological, Earth & Environmental Science

The Coalfield Geology Council of NSW Prize for Coal Geology: JM Shadlow
The FC Loughnan Prize for First Year Geology: A Kenny
The FC Loughnan Prize in Applied Geology: KV Whittock
The JJ Frankel Memorial Prize: RM Angove
The Jack Mabbutt Medal: J Kelehear
The Laric V Hawkins Prize: GD Morgan
The Lorant Eotvos Prize: LT White
The Prospector's Prize: RM Angove
The Structural Geology Field Prize: JA Fordham

School of Chemistry

The Angyal Prize: SR Beeren
The Bosworth Prize in Physical Chemistry: HL Chen
The Inglis Hudson and the Jeffery Bequests: MJ Soka
The June Griffith Memorial Prize: JR Krycer
The Merck Sharp & Dohme (Australia) Pty Limited Prize in Level 2 Chemistry: KA Sage
The Merck Sharp & Dohme (Australia) Pty Limited Prize in Level 3 Chemistry: P Golamco
The RACI Analytical Chemistry Group Prize: N Easwaralingam
The UNSW Chemical Society Dwyer Prize: IF Taylor
The UNSW Chemical Society George Wright Prize: TO Nguyen
The UNSW Chemical Society Parke-Pope Prize: S Jessica
The UNSW Chemical Society Prize in Level 1 Chemistry: MR Abbott

School of Materials Science & Engineering

The ANSTO Prize: SL Ireland
The Austral Bricks Prize: DA Hanaor
The Australasian Corrosion Association (NSW Branch) Prize: HL Chen
The Brian Mubaraki Prize: J Wu
The Carpenter Advanced Ceramics Prize: BJ Ratter
The Composites Australia Prize: EJ Lauer
The Hugh Muir Prize: EJ Lauer
The Max Hatherly Prize: BJ Ratter
The Met-Tech Prize: JR Kirk
The Wallarah Minerals Prize: DJ Sampson
The Welding Technology Institute of Australia Prize: RA Ram

School of Mathematics

The School of Mathematics Level 1 Prize: HV Pham

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School of Optometry & Vision Science

The ACBO Prize: EK Yuen
The BOC Head of School's Prize: C Chu
The BOC Ophthalmic Instruments Prize: CK Chan
The Ciba Vision Australia Pty Limited Prize: JT Tran
The CooperVision Prize: LW Chen
The CooperVision Prize: C Chu
The Designs for Vision Prize: N Kokkinis
The Essilor Australia Pty Limited Prize (Dispensing): AL Ta
The Essilor Australia Pty Limited Prize for Ocular Disease: WM Lau
The Essilor Australia Pty Limited Prize for Optics and the Eye: MP Bui
The Hoya Lens Australia Pty Limited Prize: JA Barr
The Neville Fulthorpe Prize for Clinical Excellence: N Nguyen
The Optometrists Association Australia Prize: N Kokkinis
The SOLA Optical Australia Pty. Ltd. Prize: KL Ho
The Safilo Australia Prize: JA Barr
The Scott Health and Safety Prize: F Hong
The Theo Kannis Prize for Advanced Clinical Optometry: B Chu
The Theo Kannis Prize for Clinical Optometry: N Kokkinis
The Transitions Optical Dipensing Prize (Stage 3): J Giet
The Transitions Optical Dispensing Prize (Stage 4): D Trinh

School of Physics

The Australian Institute of Physics Prize: DJ Robinson
The Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society: JJ Capel
The B L Turtle Memorial Astrophysics Prize: DJ Robinson
The Bob Dalglish Prize for Computer Applications in Experimental Science 1: TP Sasse
The Coherent Scientific Prize for Lasers, Optoelectronics & Applications: KD Petersson
The First Year Director's Prize: E Lubarsky
The Gordon and Mabel Godfrey Prize in Theoretical Physics 3: JA King
The Nucletron Prize in Experimental Physics: S McKibbin
The Physics Staff Prize for Physics 1: I Watson
The Physics Staff Prize for Physics 2: SR Parker
The Physics Staff Prize for Physics Honours: DA Tompsett

School of Psychology

Staff Prize for First Year Psychology: WY Chan
The Joseph P Forgas Honours Prize: MK Wright
The Joseph P Forgas Third Year Prize: KF Hilliar
The Staff Prize for Second Year Psychology: X Tang
The Stephanie J Moylan Memorial Prize: M Cromer
The Syd Lovibond Prize for Psychology Honours: SL Breakspear

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