Whether the pregnancy is planned or not, wanted or not, the realisation that you are pregnant can be overwhelming for anyone.

If you think you might be pregnant, book a doctor's appointment to discuss your options. Pregnancy care in Australia starts at 6-weeks and involves regular check-ups and scans.

If you wish to discuss your options with a doctor, book an appointment at the University Health Service.

Unplanned pregnancy

Unplanned pregnancies happen, and you have the right to make your own decision.

Abortion is legal in Australia, and the cost is supported by both Medicare and OSHC.

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Your doctor can help you consider your options and find abortion (termination) services if needed. Unplanned pregnancies and abortions can be stressful. We recommend seeking mental health support if you need it. Mental Health Connect has mental health support available all day and all night.

Pregnancy Cover for Australians

Pregnancy care and birth is covered through the Australian Public Health System for Medicare card holders.

Private Health Care is available, which covers some of the costs for obstetricians (specialised pregnancy doctors) and birth in a private hospital. The decision to use private healthcare is a personal one, and it is suggested that you compare options. Wait times exist for some policies.

Pregnancy Cover for International Students

Birth and pregnancy are not covered by all OSHC policies and wait times exist on some policies

Medibank Comprehensive does cover birth and pregnancy.

The unborn child is not covered by your existing OSHC policy, and you need to purchase family cover prior to the birth of your child.

If your newborn baby requires emergency care after birth, this is not covered by your existing student policy and is very expensive (it can be tens of thousands of dollars!). It is recommended you purchase family cover by 26 weeks’ gestation to avoid these costs.

We recommend contacting your OSHC provider to check what your existing policy covers and arrange for appropriate cover.

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