Postgraduate Coursework Day

Postgraduate Coursework Day is an occasional event held by Academic Skills. UNSW postgraduate coursework students to attend a morning of workshops to support them in their academic coursework. 

Past workshops have included: 

Essay Writing for Postgraduates

This workshop examines not only the structure of an essay at postgraduate level and how to correctly apply referencing conventions, but also looks at the key language features necessary to create a sophisticated academic text.

Writing a Literature Review

Doing a literature review involves an examination of the research that has been conducted in a particular field of study. It involves both the selection of available documents on the topic and the effective evaluation of these documents in relation to the research being proposed. This workshop provides guidance on how to go about conducting, structuring and writing a review of the literature.

Oral Presentation Skills for PGs

This workshop examines how to give dynamic and interesting oral presentations at university, particularly in seminars. Areas covered may include physical stance, the use of gesture, voice projection, timing, eye contact, and the use of visual aids, as well as the actual content of the paper.

Advanced Reading Skills

The purpose of this workshop is to provide students with ideas and strategies for managing large amounts of reading at a postgraduate level. Students are asked to note that this is not a speed reading class.

Writing a Critical Review

A critical review is a writing task that asks you to summarise and evaluate a text, which can be a book, a chapter, or a journal article. This workshop will examine the basic structure of a critical review and focus on developing skills such as critical analysis and summary writing.

Grammar in Postgraduate Academic Writing

This workshop will focus on various strategies to further develop your use of grammar in editing and proofreading. This will be particularly useful for students whose first language is not English and who are writing reports and essays at postgraduate level.

Report Writing for Science and Engineering

There is a basic structure common to most reports, irrespective of their type. This workshop will examine the overall structure of a report and the function and content of each section. It will also focus on appropriate language features, and demonstrate how report writing differs from other types of academic writing.

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