On Campus Drop-In Sessions

Welcome to Term 2! Do you have a burning question about how to get started, or structuring your work, or (the always dreaded!) referencing? Why not ask those questions early in the term? Academic Skills is hosting a drop-in service at lunch times this week to help answer these questions and more. Bring along your assignment and the instructions to the ground floor of the Library in the Help Zone, and look for the big yellow banner.

They are held from 2pm - 3pm every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Come drop by and say hello! 

Book an Online One-to-One

Once you have booked, please monitor your e-mail for instructions on how to join your consultation online.

Book a Face to Face One-to-One

An ALF will meet you in Room 217 on the Ground Floor of the UNSW Library

Please bring a face mask, and observe physical distancing guidelines.

Book a One-to-One at Paddington campus

One-to-Ones for Faculty of Art and Design students are available on Thursdays at Paddington campus as in person consults. If you are interested in making a booking to see a learning facilitator, book here.

About One-to-Ones

What happens in a One-to-One?

How many one-to-one consultations can I attend each term?

You can book:

  • three consultations per term
  • one consultations per week

What happens in a one-to-one consultation?

You can seek advice about any academic skills-related issue. You'll work with an Academic Learning Facilitator (ALF) to explore strategies you can apply to your studies. For example, an ALF might read a draft of your writing, and then discuss ways to improve it with you. You might also discuss strategies for presentations and academic communications, or to clarify the purpose or structure of an assignment. Whatever your one-to-one looks like, we can offer constructive and helpful  support.

We don't:

  • correct or check grammar and spelling, or proof-read or edit.  Smarthinking can offer some extra support, but it’s important to develop your own strategies.
  • proof-read or edit theses. 
  • estimate the final grade of an assignment. That depends on your lecturer or tutor.
  • offer subject tutoring. Take questions about content to your lecturer or tutor.
  • advise you about content for your assignment. While we can sometimes act as 'sounding boards for your ideas, we focus on skills and structure.
  • advise on Resumes or cover letters. Visit UNSW Careers for expert advice.
  • help with correspondence or applications. Ask a friend for some feedback instead.
  • offer individual sessions on exams. They should be completed by you only.

Need more help?

How can I contact the Academic Skills Team?

For all enquiries, please email: [email protected]

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