Peers Advocating for Sexual Health (PASH)

Want to facilitate healthy conversations about Sexual Health in the UNSW community?

Join the PASH (Peers Advocating for Sexual Health0 team and play an integral part in opening a dialogue for sexual health and healthy relationships at UNSW.  

What is PASH?

Peers Advocating for Sexual Health (PASH) is an award-winning developmental program training UNSW students to advocate and facilitate sexual and reproductive health literacy. PASH Peers lead conversations, run workshops, and facilitate sexual health testing throughout the calendar year, supported by The UNSW Health Promotions Team who co-create initiatives focussing on the needs of their peers.

Peers Advocating for Sexual Health have two main goals: 

  1. To improve the sexual and reproductive health literacy of their fellow students 

  2. To increase the frequency of sexual and reproductive health conversations had around UNSW campuses and within UNSW colleges 

The PASH Program won the 2022 International Student Community Engagement Award in the Education Providers category, presented by Study NSW. Students involved with the PASH program get the opportunity to contribute to the changing climate surrounding sexual health in the 21st century and get to learn life-long lessons with their peers. 

Training and Support 

Students interested in joining the PASH program will undergo a 2-day training session where they will learn about Sexual Health and Consent and Harm Minimisation. After which, they will be able to effectively apply their skills to the broader UNSW community and participate in various activations and events throughout the year. 


PASH is part of the Health and Wellbeing Ambassadors program and is AHEGS-accredited.

  • To gain accreditation, peers must complete a minimum of 20 hours of volunteering in addition to training.

How to Join

If you're interested in joining the team, fill out the expression of interest form, and we'll be in touch with details. 

EOI Form



Availability of activity  

All year 

Type of activity  

Community Volunteering 

Interest area / Advantages  

Value diversity, Foster collaboration, Embrace change  

Skills required and/or developed  

Critical & analytical thinking, Interpersonal & communication, Problem solving & practical skills  


Contacts and more information 

Student enquiries: 

Belinda Meggitt 

Team Lead –  UNSW Health Promotion Unit 

[email protected] 


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