Yonsei University International Summer School 2024

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About the program

The Yonsei International Summer School 2024 program includes courses from the arts, culture, and humanities while also offering cutting-edge classes in management and economics, global issues, history, social sciences, and science and technology.

Moreover, a shorter, 4-week option is also provided to accommodate students who can only be away for a limited period.

For a full list of courses (both 6-week and 4-weeks tracks), please visit the Yonsei International Summer School 2024 website.

Enrolment Type and Fees


Fees: 1,850,000KRW (1 course) - 3,850,000KRW (3 courses)

Accommodation (On-campus) around 1,000,000KRW

Academic Credit

Approval for credit transfer is at the discretion of your Faculty. Credit approval can only be given prior to the commencement of a Learning Abroad program - no retrospective requests will be accepted.

Completion of an approved Short Course typically will lead to the awarding of 6 or 12 Free Elective Units of Credit, or where applicable, 6 or 12 General Education Units of Credit toward your UNSW program.

Students otherwise may be approved to take a Short Course on a Not-for-Credit basis.

Please note: The objective of Learning Abroad Short Programs is to grant students an opportunity to learn in an international environment. Due to this, students are not eligible to receive Credit at UNSW for Short Programs undertaken in their country of permanent residence (home country). 

Your Learning Abroad Journey

Here are the 10 steps that make up the Learning Abroad process from start to finish:

Step 1

Check your eligibility (including a progression check) and register via the link below

Step 2

Accept your UNSW nomination for the program

Step 3

Follow host institution's application process

Step 4

Accept the offer from the host to secure your place

Step 5

Pre-departure preparation and planning

Step 6

Confirm your commencement of the program

Step 7

Connect and Engage while Learning Abroad

Step 8

Return from Learning Abroad and complete credit transfer (if applicable)

Step 9

Reflect and complete the Returned Student Questionnaire

Step 10

Become a Learning Abroad ambassador and share your experience!

Ready to apply?

Register your interest for this program at http://unsw.aglobal.education/st-application  by 20 April 2024. Further instructions will then be sent to you by email.

More information

For further details:

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