Master of Commerce | my MCom Platform and New COMM5999 Course


We have made some exciting changes to the myMCom platform to enhance your career readiness skills and have introduced an all-new COMM5999 course to help you prepare for future job opportunities. 

New Course: COMM5999 

  • How does it work? 

COMM5999 is accessed in a dedicated section within the refreshed myMCom platform and is free. This course helps you to identify key goals and develop the skills necessary to reach them.  

This course is compulsory and various assessment tasks are due throughout your entire degree. It is strongly encouraged that you start early (during the first term of your degree) and plan towards completing your assessments by the term you are completing your MCom capstone course. 


  • Why is this course compulsory? 

In response to continuous feedback from students, alumni, and industry, it's evident that there is a strong demand for support in employability skills and professional development for Master of Commerce graduates. We have prioritised building a platform to help you achieve these skills while on your MCom journey. 

COMM5999(0UOC), housed on the myMCom platform, has been specifically designed to help you foster key competencies vital for your career progression.  

IMPORTANT: From Term 1, 2024, COMM5999 is compulsory, and you must be satisfactorily completed to graduate from your Master’s degree. You will be automatically enrolled, and you will be able to access the course by logging in to the myMCom platform. Please do not un-enrol from this course as it will affect your graduation. 


  • How is the course structured? 

Please log on to the myMCom platform with you zID and familiarise yourself with the course structure and expectations. Check your course outline for assessment due dates. 

If you are already partway through your MCom degree and are following the 2023 program, COMM5999 is optional.

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