Updates on myUNSW system upgrade


On Tuesday 14 November, myUNSW was successfully upgraded to an improved, reliable and smoother platform.

With multiple key dates fast approaching, complete the steps below to prevent any disruptions to your myUNSW experience as your devices transition to the updated platform.

Clear browser cache

Clear your browser cache to ensure that your device will load the newest version of myUNSW pages and prevent potential glitches.

Select 'All time' for the time range and ensure that you are only deleting cached web content if you do not want to lose your saved passwords and browsing history.

Choose your browser below to find instructions on clearing your browser cache:

Reset myUNSW bookmarks

Ensure all your myUNSW bookmarks are up to date. If you have bookmarked any old links, select your browser below to find instructions on creating or editing bookmarks:

If you require any assistance navigating online student services, contact the Nucleus: Student Hub for help!

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