Juris Doctor: New mode of course delivery

Decorative - two students at the UNSW Law Library

In response to student feedback, the Faculty of Law & Justice is introducing a new mode of course delivery. JD core courses in Term 1 2024 will have a 6-8pm partially online class, twice a week with the first class delivered in-person and the second online.

Courses in the new mode of delivery:

  • JURD7160 – Administrative Law 

  • JURD7224 – Business Associations 

  • JURD7175 – Contracts 

  • JURD7251 – Court Process, Evidence and Proof 

  • JURD7121– Crime and the Criminal Process 

  • JURD7285– Equity and Trusts 

  • JURD7250 – Federal Constitutional Law 

  • JURD7152 – Introducing Law and Justice 

  • JURD7283 – Land Law 

  • JURD7270 – Law in the Global Context 

  • JURD7130 – Lawyers, Ethics and Justice 

  • JURD7155 – Legal Research and Writing (0 UOC) 

  • JURD7150 – Principles of Private Law 

  • JURD7271 – Resolving Civil Disputes 

  • JURD7161 – Torts 

On myUNSW, in-person classes will have a room name and/or number allocated, and all other classes will be delivered online. You can also check the timetable webpage for the location of the class.

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