Is your Computer Science core course full?


Your enrolment options

Check out the information below for tips on how you can progress through your degree if you bump into a full core course: 

COMP1511 is offered in all terms.

All Level 1 and Level 2 courses are offered in each standard term. 

You do not need to take COMP1521, COMP1531 and COMP2521 in sequence.​ 

​Most Computing Electives require completion of COMP2521. We recommend that you complete COMP2521 in your first year of study if possible to give you more options.​ 

Single Degree

If you are in a single Computer Science degree, your free electives can be taken in any term. If your Level 1 or Level 2 core courses are full, you can take your free electives or general education courses first and take your core courses in later terms. ​  

Computer Science study plan

Dual Degree

If your Level 1 or Level 2 Computer Science core courses are full you can go ahead and take courses from the other component of your dual degree first. 

Full elective?

Don't worry, there are other Computing Electives for you to choose. If the elective you wish to take is full, please join waitlist and enrol in an alternative elective.  

Please be assured that the School of Computer Science and Engineering is regularly monitoring course capacities. 

Joining a waitlist

You should join the waitlist if you wish to enrol in full courses or classes.

How waitlisting works

If you are successful in enrolling into the course, but your preferred class is full, you can waitlist this class. We strongly recommend that you register into an available class first and then ‘swap’ into the waitlist for your preferred class.  

This will prevent you from being dropped from the course closer to the start of the term; all students who are enrolled but have not registered will be dropped from the course enrolment on Tuesday of Orientation Week of the relevant term. We cannot guarantee you will be able to enrol into the course again after this drop.  

Waitlisting requests will not be processed if: 

  • You are already at the maximum Unit of Credit (UoC) for a term (both enrolment and waitlisting request included). The standard maximum UoC for a Term is 20UoC. If you already enrolled in a backup course, you may submit a swap request instead.
  • You do not meet course enrolment condition, e.g. prerequisites, co-requisites, consent to enrol. Please contact The Nucleus: Student Hub by submitting a requisite waiver form if you have gained permission to enrol in this course. 
  • You combined course enrolment with class registration and the class you wish to register is full. Please do not combine enrolment and class registration waitlists. You can select classes after you enrol in a course. You will be notified by email if you are successfully enrolled. 
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