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With one in six students having been sexually harassed, and one in twenty experiencing sexual assault (NSSS 2021), UNSW recognises that gendered violence is far too prevalent across Australian universities. The University is committed to preventing gendered violence and making UNSW a safer place for all. 

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Content warning: Some people may find this content confronting or distressing. Support is available at UNSW and through the National Referral Service, 1800 Respect (1800 737 732). 

16 Days of Activism against Gendered Violence is an annual international campaign that starts on Friday 25 November. UNSW acknowledges research conducted by the Social Research Centre, which found that that one in six students has been sexually harassed, and one in twenty has been sexually assaulted since starting university.

While gendered violence is still far too prevalent across Australian universities, UNSW also recognizes that gendered violence is preventable. UNSW is committed to preventing gendered violence and making UNSW a safer place for all through the Stop. Empower. Support: UNSW Gendered Violence Strategy and Action Plan 2022-2025.  

The whole UNSW community needs to be aware of what constitutes gendered violence and take action to prevent it from happening in the first place. A Gendered Violence Steering Committee has been established to implement this Strategy with UNSW student reps and staff. Through this Strategy, UNSW aims to:

  1. STOP gendered violence on our campuses and ensure effective implementation of prevention activities
  2. EMPOWER students and staff to take action to prevent and respond to gendered violence by: 
  • Committing to a safe and respectful UNSW 

  • Understanding what constitutes gendered violence 

  • Reporting incidents of gendered violence to the UNSW Reporting Portal 

  • Raising any matters with relevant faculties, schools or business units to increase confidence to access supports available both within and external to UNSW 

  • Taking action as a bystander where it is appropriate and safe to do so. 

  3. SUPPORT staff and students who are affected by gendered violence by providing appropriate and trauma informed    support and referral options, tailored training, communications and awareness raising initiatives.  

What is gendered violence?  

Gendered violence is often used interchangeably with gender-based violence and includes, but is not limited to, sexual misconduct. Gendered violence is defined as any harmful behaviour perpetrated against a person, or group of people, based on their actual or perceived sex, gender, sexual orientation, and/or gender identity.  

UN Women explain that gendered violence is driven by gender inequality, harmful gendered norms, and abuses of power. Studies clearly show that all women (cis and trans), girls, and LGBTIQ+ communities are disproportionately affected by gendered violence. 

You can speak up if you, or someone you know, is affected by gendered violence 

Help is available if you are affected by gendered violence, including sexual misconduct. Students and staff can make a report and access support following an incident through the Gendered Violence Portal. Anonymous reports can be made. 

Learn more or make a report

Emergency contacts 

Further support 

Emergency services: 000 

UNSW Security: 9385 6666 


UNSW Psychology & Wellness 9385 5418 or text-after-hours on 0485 826 595 

National referral service: 1800 RESPECT (1800 737 732) 

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