Psychology & Wellness now have a Texting feature

Published: 12 Aug 2022

Did you know that UNSW Psychology & Wellness offer 24/7 Mental Health support to all UNSW students? 

Sometimes finding the right support can be overwhelming; that's why we've made that first step to help-seeking just that little bit easier with the new Texting feature.

To complement our 24/7 Mental Health services, students can now text a counsellor for confidential one-on-one support after hours and at weekends.

Texting can be a good intro to counselling for students who are a bit unsure about whether speaking to a counsellor is right for them or have challenges in finding a private space to talk.

Our text service also offers additional accessibility to those with a disability and culturally and linguistically diverse students. 

We have also streamlined access to Mental Health Support during and after hours by having just one number. 

So if you're looking for additional support to help manage stress, low moods and the pressures of life, reach out to Mental Health Connect or send us a text on

Text: 0485 826 595

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