ADA Student Experience and EDI Prize Winners

Published: 9 Dec 2021

In 2021 the Faculty of Arts, Architecture & Design launched two inaugural student awards

These awards were to recognise students for their achievements in contributing to the ADA Student Experience and Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. After many incredibly strong applications, the winners were chosen. Read more below about the two awards and meet our incredible winners!

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Student Award 

For outstanding contribution to ADA’s culture and community

This prize acknowledges and celebrates the contributions of students from diverse backgrounds and/or lived experiences to ADA’s Culture and Community.   The Faculty of Arts, Design & Architecture celebrates the unique contributions of our student body to our faculty culture and community. We recognise the value of diverse perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds and acknowledge that these contributions may not always be immediately visible. This award, therefore, seeks to recognise and celebrate the contributions of students from diverse backgrounds and/or lived experiences to our faculty. We are proud of the many ways students shape our faculty culture and therefore are open to receiving applications or third-party nominations for a diverse range of contributions.  

Meet the winners!

Sachini Wewegama

Sachini is an undergraduate student completing a Bachelor of Social Research and Policy. A few of her contributions this year involved supporting the revision of UNSW’s Anti-Racism Policy, speaking at the Teaching for Equity & Inclusion Community of Practice Panel and preparing a paper on how UNSW can improve digital inclusion within the student learning environment. 

Adrian Mok

Portrait of Adrian Mok

This year I had the privilege of being the president of the Education Society, working alongside a team of amazing pre-service teachers to facilitate events and programs for students studying an education degree. Moreover, I am proud to have been a UNSW Equity and Access student ambassador for the third year in a row, helping to increase educational attainment for low-SES high school students.

Susan Tracey (she/her)

Portrait of Susan Tracey

Susan is undertaking her PhD ‘Gender and Obduracy in Placemaking’. She is an active member of the ADA Faculty Board and University Higher Degree Research Committee contributing to action and awareness on gender equity and diversity issues. She’s also a regular speaker and presenter on these issues exploring how gender and urban design intersect and how this impacts women’s experience of place, how other genders are affected, and how people can change the way they think about the built environment. Susan is a proud gay woman of Māori descent, which shapes her spiritual connection with place. She is committed to fostering a more inclusive culture at UNSW and beyond.  

Varsha Krithivasan

Portrait of Varsha Krithivasan

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion has been foundational to the work I have done in UNSW, from leading societies to being part of the Student Lived Advisory Group in the EDI division. It has given me the incredible opportunity to consult on the intensely important EDI programs and work with the diverse range of people that study in our university. 

Anonymous winner

One EDI award winner wishes to remain anonymous. 

Student Experience Award

In recognition of outstanding contribution to ADA’s student experience 

This award recognises awardees’ outstanding contributions to ADA’s Student Experience.  

The Faculty of Arts, Design & Architecture acknowledges the importance of recognising and celebrating the many ways that our students positively shape our student experience. While we take great pride in the academic success and engagement of our students academically, we are equally proud of the myriad ways that they both immerse themselves in, and contribute to, the ADA student experience. This award, therefore, seeks to identify and celebrate students who are going above and beyond in their contributions to ADA’s student experience.

Meet the winners!

Jodie Kidd

Portrait of Jodie Kidd

Jodie is part of an active HDR community at SPRC and CSRH that values peer support and learning. With others, Jodie has run monthly student meetings and weekly online writing sessions. Jodie also organised an online writing boot camp to help students stay connected during COVID. 

Chantel Henwood (they/them)

Portrait of Chantel Henwood

The UNSW community has provided me with an opportunity to explore parts of myself personally, professionally and academically. I'm eternally grateful for the experiences that I have been able to have and want to provide the same opportunities to others. UNSW is full of unique and diverse people with a range of life experiences and needs that deserve to be a priority of those with the ability to make a positive change. Being recognised for this award is further motivation to continue to look for opportunities to create conversations, events and programs for people looking to find a safe space to learn, grow and be supported by their community. Thank you to those who nominated me. 

Nakita Dass

Portrait of Nakita Dass

I have been fortunate to get to know students as the first-year SAM PG Student Representative. The pandemic has been difficult for postgraduate students, particularly for those who have recently commenced. It has been my goal to support these students through pastoral care, conversation and fortnightly meetings, the provision of a student space and the development of an RPR peer-support program. I am very grateful to have had the encouragement of staff and students to apply for the ADA Student Experience Award.

Awni Etaywe

It is a proud moment to be recognised for my contributions to the ADA's culture of creativity, collaboration, and inclusion. These included: leading a virtual academic writing club; advocacy of antiracism; empathetic support of the impactful PELE community; and generating ideas to enhance hybrid learning environments. 

Dimitrije Karadarevic

Portrait of Dimitrije Karadarevic

I found the ADA environment, including my classmate and academic, to be a supportive space to explore my passions. I seek out opportunities to give back to this great community. 

Abhimanyu Gupta

Portrait of Abhimanyu Gupta

I am Abhimanyu Gupta, an international student from India, currently in the final year of my Media Arts Degree at UNSW. I am serving as the President of the Art and Design student council and am also a part of the school education committee. I am highly honored to be the recipient of the ADA Student Experience award 2021 and be able to enhance the university experience of my fellow students on campus.

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