Dr Anthony S. Fauci on our common enemy

Published: 25 Oct 2021

The common enemy is the virus, and we should all be fighting the virus and not fighting with each other. - Dr Anthony S. Fauci

In April 2021, speaking with UNSW Sydney, Dr Fauci highlighted the strengths to date in Australia’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. But the virus would infiltrate Australian society again, plunging millions of people into tough lockdowns from which we are only now starting to emerge. 

As Australia and the world struggle to re-emerge from the pandemic, political and societal divisions continue to surface. Even the advent of COVID vaccines, instead of uniting us, present opportunities for conflict and disagreement.

Dr Anthony S. Fauci spoke with UNSW Sydney in April 2021, in a livestreamed event presented by the UNSW Centre for Ideas, The Kirby Institute, and UNSW Medicine & Health.

Animation designed by Juune Lee and David LobbUNSW Arts, Design & Architecture alumni – with composition by Lama Zakharia.

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