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A Q&A with Tommy Lim

What degree did you graduate from and when?
Bachelor of Commerce (Finance)/Bachelor of Laws in 2009.

What is your current job?

Managing Director and Founder, SF Capital Group Pty Ltd.

What did you enjoy most about studying at UNSW?  

The lifelong friendships I built with so many smart, ambitious, and well-rounded people while studying 2 degrees. The challenging and intensive learning I experienced across two faculties while having a ton of fun along the way. 

Did you participate in any extra circular activities/programs at uni? 

  • Co-President of the UNSW Commerce Society (now called Business Society) 
  • Law Mentor and Commerce Mentor 
  • UBS Investment Banking Competition 
  • BRW Share Investing Competition 
  • Law Mooting Competition
  • Finance Research Assistant

What has your UNSW education enabled you to do after graduating? 

I was able to work in top tier Management Consulting, receiving a graduate offer from Booz Allen Hamilton (now called PWC Strategy&, and previously Booz & Company.

From there, I was able to start my business, SF Capital, where I am proud to serve many UNSW alumni as clients. I have partnered with many other UNSW alumni to help build and grow my business, and also employ two talented UNSW alumni today. 

More recently, I have started an Executive MBA at Chicago University’s prestigious Booth School of Business, where my UNSW degree and academic achievements were very well regarded throughout the admissions process. 

What advice do you wish you could give your student-self now?   

Get out there and build genuine friendships with as many people as you can, not just in your cohort, but across grades and faculties. Learn to study smart, not just study hard! 

Favourite memory from UNSW you wish you could relive?

Selling out the Commerce Cruise in 2006 in an event we called “Full of Ship”! Also running a very memorable Commerce Ball that year which was enjoyed by many staff and students alike. 

What does being a UNSW Alumni mean to you? 

Being plugged into a large and influential community where I can stand on the shoulders of giants – for example David Gonski, Scott Farquhar & Mike Cannon-Brookes and Shemara Wikramanayake to name a few notable alumni. 

Rapid fire questions 

Roundhouse or Whitehouse?  

Roundhouse (Whitehouse did not exist during my time!) 

Library lawn or the Quadrangle? 

Quadrangle – closer to the Law building and Business Faculty 

Matthews Food Court or Quad Food Court? 

Matthews Food Court – better but unfortunately not closer! 

Best place to eat on campus?

Laksa Delight, Matthews Arcade is the best! 

Best coffee on campus?

Coffee Cart near Library Lawn!

Would you rather walk up the Basser Steps or Main Walkway? 

Main Walkway – definitely one of the iconic backdrops of UNSW! 

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