UNSW will not disclose information about a student's enrolment and attendance at the University to any person or organisation outside the University in a form that allows the student to be identified unless:

  • The student provides written consent for the release of the information via a Third-party Authorisation form.
  • The disclosure is required by law
  • UNSW discovers that information supplied by the student at the time of admission to the University or subsequently is untrue or misleading in any respect, in which case the University may take such action as it believes necessary including the disclosure of the information to any person or body the University considers has a legitimate interest in receiving it.

Release of information to third parties

UNSW treats results of assessment and information it receives from a student as confidential, and will not reveal such information to third parties without the permission of the student except in cases of an emergency or exceptional circumstances. UNSW's collection, use and disclosure of personal information is explained in the Student Privacy Statement.

Your role in protecting student privacy

All students should be aware that various commercial agents are eager to obtain students’ addresses, and may resort to subterfuges of various kinds to do so. From time to time, for example, people claiming to be from UNSW telephone students or their families and ask for information (usually another student’s address), which the callee often supplies unsuspectingly.

It would be generally helpful if students, their families and friends were cautious in revealing information. If any caller claims to be from UNSW, make it a practice to ask their name, position, and telephone extension, and if you are suspicious, return the call to the extension given to reassure yourself that the request is legitimate before disclosing the information.

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