Hand in Your Essay

You haven’t completed your assignment until you’ve handed it in.

It’s important to READ the assignment guidelines in your course outlines and to follow them. Find out how your lecturer/tutor would like assignments presented. and make sure you comply with their requirements.

In general:

  • Make sure you know the date the assignment is due. Submitting late work usually incurs a penalty.
  • Make sure you know where and to whom your assignment should be submitted.
  • Most assignments require a cover sheet (available from your school).
  • If you are handing in a hard copy, don’t submit in a plastic folder or sleeve (unless you are asked to do so). Staple it in the top, left-hand corner.
  • Ensure your essay is formatted correctly. Use double-line spacing and a readable font (for example, Times or Ariel, size 10-12).
  • Number pages and set wide margins.
  • Keep an extra copy for yourself.

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