On this page you can find information on the different grading systems that were used for institutions amalgamated with UNSW, such as the New South Wales Institute of the Arts, the Sydney College of Advanced Education (SCAE) and the Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM).

New South Wales Institute of the Arts

City Art Institute 1988 – 1989
  • Distinction
  • Credit
  • Pass
  • Pass*- (Where Distinction and Credit are not available).


Sydney College of Advanced Education (SCAE)

Prior to 1985 the following institutions, amalgamated within the Sydney College of Advanced Education (which subsequently amalgamated with UNSW), used their own unique grade categories:

  • Alexander Mackie College of Advanced Education
  • City Art Institute
  • St George Institute

Transcripts obtained by former students of these institutions will show the following grade categories:

For the Diploma in Art, Diploma of Arts, Bachelor of Arts (Visual Arts) and Graduate Diploma in Professional Art Studies:

  • A - Most satisfactory
  • B - Satisfactory
  • C - Unsatisfactory
  • D - Most unsatisfactory
  • DA - Deferred Assessment

For the Bachelor of Education (Art):

  • A - Distinction
  • B - Credit
  • C - Pass
  • D - Fail
  • DA - Deferred Assessment
  • S - Satisfactory (Practice Teaching)
  • U - Unsatisfactory (Practice teaching)

Sydney College of Advanced Education (SCAE) 1985 to 1989

  • Distinction
  • Credit
  • Pass
  • Pass*- (Where Distinction and Credit are not available).


Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM)

AGSM was established in 1977. In 1998, UNSW and the University of Sydney undertook a joint venture. The new AGSM that resulted was a school of both universities and its graduates received a joint degree badged with both institutions’ crests. In 2006, the joint venture ended, and the AGSM integrated with the Faculty of Commerce and Economics at UNSW to form a new faculty, the Australian School of Business.

Those students who completed their program requirements within the joint venture and within program time limit requirements were eligible to graduate with a jointly badged award or degree and receive an AGSM academic transcript.

From 2006, AGSM grades aligned with UNSW (see Grade Definitions).

The following grade categories can be found on AGSM transcripts prior to 2006:

SYSatisfactory Satisfactory completion of a course for which a graded pass is not available. Mark not awarded.
PCPass Conceded45-49Authority for the award of this result rests with the Postgraduate Coursework Committee (PCC). The grade is determined with reference to the student’s overall performance in the program to date, and not just performance in the course in question.
FLFail0-49Performance below the minimum level of competence.
AF Absent Fail Assessment not completed.
DFDiscontinued with Failure Discontinuation after the Census Date.
LELate Entry Result not finalised.
WD  Result withheld.
EXExemption Credit transfer without replacement.
ASAdvanced Standing Credit Transfer with replacement.
All programs except for full-time MBA students who enrolled prior to 1 January 2002
HDHigh Distinction85-100An outstanding performance.
DNDistinction75-84A superior, well above average performance.
CRCredit65-74A good, above average performance.
PSPass50-64An acceptable level of performance.
For full-time MBA students enrolled prior to 2002
AA70-100A superior to outstanding performance.
BB60-74A good average performance.
CC50-59An acceptable level of performance.
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