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Although I have, for the purpose of analysis, separated the symbolic from the social, it is clear that these two forms of political action work together. Symbolic action can have social effects, while social action may turn out to be symbolic. The fusion of the symbolic and the social is shown in the Asian Dub Foundation's 2001 tour of Brazil, paid for by The British Council. In light of the Council's job, it is funny that the ADF were picked out to stand for 'Britishness' overseas.

It is difficult to know what Brazilian music fans made of songs like Real Great Britain or Assassin (a song about Udam Singh's successful killing of the British military leader, Brigadier General Dyer, who caused the 1919 Amritsar Massacre (Chatterjee, 2000) with its words: 'A bullet to his head won't bring back the dead/but it will lift the spirit of my people.'

It is possible to suggest that whatever impression was given off, it was different than that which would have been made by an all-white, male rock band, like Oasis, playing 'traditional' songs about women, football, and beer.

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