Court of Conscience Writers' Panel

15 Jul 2024, 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Michael Crouch Innovation Centre
Court of Conscience Writers' Panel

Want to stay informed about updates in the legal field? Keen to hear from experts about interesting areas of law to increase your legal and commercial awareness? Need something law reform-related to discuss in upcoming interviews?

Attend the Court of Conscience Writers’ Panel event to network and learn!

The panellists are contributors to Issue 18 of Court of Conscience, the premier equity journal of the UNSW Law Society. The theme of Issue 18 is 'Changing with the Times: Progress and Legal Reform', focusing on areas where legal reform is required in the 21st century. It highlights issues that require continued consideration, particularly if laws, regulations and policies are intended to act as a vehicle of change.

This event is a great opportunity for Law & Justice students to learn about prevalent issues of legal reform. Topics will include the future of the legal profession, corporate criminal law, defamation and child protection. There will be something for everyone!

Food and drinks will be served at the event. 

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Meet the panellists, who will be answering questions about how Australia's legal landscape is changing in their field:

  • Professor Penny Crofts (UTS)
  • Ms Vicki McNamara (UNSW's Centre for the Future of the Legal Profession)
  • Dr Sarah Ailwood (University of Wollongong)
  • Lucy Kelley (Policy Lawyer at the Public Interest Advocacy Centre).


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