Event with Nobel Prize Winner Jennifer Doudna

21 May 2024, 10:30am - 12:00pm
Leighton Hall, John Niland Scientia Building
Jennifer Doudna against a black backdrop

Join us for an inspiring journey with Jennifer Doudna, a scientific pioneer whose revolutionary CRISPR discovery earned her the 2020 Nobel Prize in Chemistry and forever transformed genetic research.

Her work allows scientists to edit DNA - the code of life - and opens up a new era of revolutionary advances in medicine and agriculture while posing profound ethical questions.

In an exclusive event for UNSW staff and students, Nobel Laureate Jennifer Doudna will discuss with Merlin Crossley:

  • The mentors who fuelled her scientific passion
  • The collaborations that led to her incredible discoveries
  • Her experience as a leading woman in STEM
  • How her Innovative Genomics Institute is enabling equitable access to CRISPR technology.

Following the event, refreshments will be provided.

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