Training and Workshops

Are you interested in building new life skills?

The UNSW Health teams are experienced in designing and running great programs, workshops and seminars for students. We also offer a select number of these to staff where appropriate.

Why not make the most of your time at University and learn a few new life skills while you're here? It looks good on the CV too.

Is perfectionism keeping you stuck?

Have you noticed that pursuing your high standards of excellence can be self-defeating at times?  Have you noticed that you become very critical and judgemental of yourself when you don’t feel that you’ve met those standards? Have you noticed yourself feeling increasingly anxious and overwhelmed?

Debugging Unhelpful Technology Habits

Have you been noticing you are using your technology to fill time rather than as a tool or enjoyable experience? Are you feeling stuck in the same unhelpful patterns with how you use your devices? 

We all acknowledge technology is an integral part of our daily living, but for many of us, we have become glued to our phones/screens/watches before we are even aware of the purpose. For many, this pattern has negatively impacted our feelings of connection, productivity and creativity.  

Feeling like an imposter?

This workshop is designed to help you manage imposter syndrome by helping you understand what it is, why it occurs and learn about the signs. Above all, the workshop will provide you tips and techniques so that imposter syndrome doesn't impact your potential to succeed in your studies.

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