Training and Workshops

Are you interested in building new life skills?

Psychology & Wellness run programs, workshops and seminars for students. 

Why not make the most of your time at University and learn a few new life skills while you're here? It looks good on the CV too.

Midday Mindfulness

Feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or anxious? We are here to help! Join our free and in-person Mindfulness Workshops where we will share and practice a variety of stress reduction techniques.

No pre-registration required, you're welcome to attend as many sessions as you'd like.

Weekly Rolling Group

The Rolling Group program at UNSW Psychology and Wellness is designed to be interactive, supportive, fun and filled with opportunities to discuss as well as learn from your peers and UNSW mental health clinicians. 

Thriving as an HDR Candidate - Helping international students navigate challenges & build success in their HDR journey

We invite you to connect with fellow international HDR candidates in a safe and confidential environment where you can openly discuss your challenges. Whether you are newly arrived at UNSW and in Australia or approaching the conclusion of your academic pursuits, you will find value in participating in this group, as you are not traversing this path alone.

Building Positive Relationships

Important relationships can sometimes get messy.  This 3-week workshop series is an opportunity to connect with your peers, develop tools to initiate difficult conversations, look at the importance of setting and communicating boundaries, and learn strategies on how to navigate different challenges along the way.

EmpowerU: Rights, Worth & Voice

EmpowerU: Rights, Worth, and Voice is a 3-week workshop series that focuses on psychoeducation to empower female and female identifying UNSW students with knowledge and skills that promote healing, self-care, and empowerment.

Befriending the Inner Critic

What stories are you telling yourself about yourself? 

This workshop series seeks to help you start building a different relationship with your inner critic and improve your wellbeing.

Embracing Resilience: Navigating Anxiety & Low Mood (Mandarin)

This workshop is designed to to equip international students with practical skills to navigate anxiety and low mood. The goals of this group is to gain a stronger understanding of anxiety and low mood, while learning common coping skills and self-care practices, while fostering a supportive environment to talk about these experiences.

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