Represent your peers!

Contribute to our community by representing your fellow students on important issues as a member of a university board or student representative councils or committee. Gain valuable skills in team work, advocacy and negotiation.

Many of these opportunities have been approved by UNSW Advantage as eligible for recognition on your Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS).

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Academic Program Review Panels - Student Membership

If you would like to contribute to the quality and ongoing strength of your program, then you may be able to become a student member of a Review Panel.  All programs at UNSW are reviewed every seven years by a panel with…

Board and Committees

Arc is a democratic organisation, run by a Board of Directors. The Directors elected to the Board work in conjunction with the CEO of Arc to make the major decisions about the running of Arc. The Board's role, along with…

Board and Committees, UNSW Engineering

NB* This page refers to the Health, Safety and Environment Committee, UNSW Engineering.

Participate as an elected student representative in Health, Safety and Environment Committee meetings and…

Boards and Committees, UNSW Law

UNSW Law is governed by the Faculty Board which consists of members of the full-time academic staff, casual teaching staff, various nominees and student representatives.

Boards and Committees, UNSW Medicine

Each of the committees serve as delegates to the Faculty Board in executing its role overseeing UNSW Medicine. The various committees oversee academic coursework, the quality of learning and teaching activities as well as…

Engineering Higher Degree Research Committee

Student representatives give students a voice in the formal decision-making structure of the University.

As these are formal positions, making time to prepare for, attend and participate in meetings is essential.<…

House Committee Member, Student Accommodation

The House Committee functions to facilitate an all-inclusive extra-curricular program for the residents of The Kensington Colleges. The members of the House Committee represent the voice of their fellow residents in…

Kudos Committee

The Kudos Committee is a small group of UNSW Art, Design & Architecture undergraduate and postgraduate student representatives who have regular meetings, help run special projects at Kudos and AD Space, and act as…

Postgraduate Council

The mission of the Postgraduate Council (PGC) is to provide information, support, representation and advice on issues that affect postgraduate students at UNSW and the wider postgraduate student population.

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