Your arrival in Australia questions answered!

Your arrival in Australia checklist

There’s a lot to remember and organise when travelling internationally now and the team at UNSW are here to help you! In order to make sure you have everything in place for a safe arrival to Australia we recommend using this pre-flight checklist to ensure you do everything you need to be able to successfully board your flight and enter the country.

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Accommodation options

UNSW has both accommodation options on campus and is able to provide trusted recommendations for accommodation off-campus. Visit the links below to find out more!

On-campus accommodation options

Living on campus can be a great experience. Apart from being close to class, college life is a great social experience, living with other students from all around the world you will get to make the most of your Australian experience and create lifelong friendships. 

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Off-campus accommodation options

Finding accommodation off campus can be difficult as you often can’t be sure if what you have found is a reputable accommodation provider. To help you with this we have two websites we recommend for finding reasonably priced accommodation off-campus.  

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Your health insurance options

UNSW recommends that you consider Medibank for your OSHC cover. Medibank is our preferred supplier who offers Comprehensive OSHC exclusively to UNSW. It is a market-leading product that provides additional cover and support above student visa requirements for all course types.  To purchase, or for more information, click here.

While UNSW recommends Medibank Comprehensive OSHC cover as our preferred supplier, you are not obligated to purchase cover with Medibank and can obtain OSHC from any approved healthcare provider. View a list of providers.


International travel updates

Travel has changed a lot and it’s important that you keep up to date with everything you need to do to ensure you are eligible for entry into Australia.  

Travel restrictions | Visit this site for up-to-date information based on your country of origin and destination. See Department of Home Affairs.

Vaccination requirements | Visit this site to make sure you have an Australian Government Approved Vaccination to enter the country and that you know what your certificate needs to include to ensure it is valid. See vaccination requirements

Visa requirements | Do you have your VISA and COE sorted? If not, get information on what to do and how to get help from the Student Life Team.

Chinese Ministry of Education's Policy Change for students studying remotely | Read the FAQs

Check out our COVID FAQs


I want to connect with other students coming to Australia

Looking for a place to meet other international students studying at UNSW? There are some great options available for you: 

Join our International Students Discord Server! Join our virtual community for international students that are in Australia AND overseas. Play games, watch movies, listen to music together, find study partners or even watch sporting events together! 

UNSW International Students Discord Virtual Community | UNSW Current Students 

Connect with a Peer Mentor! A peer support program can help make the start of your new life as a student feel less overwhelming and more exciting!

Welcome to Peer Support | UNSW Current Students

How to check that 'great deal' you've found isn't a scam

It's important to stay vigilant about the security of your personal information. If you’re unsure about any type of travel offer please check it further before you provide your personal details.

We've put together some helpful information and contacts - find them here.

Get support

Preparing for your journey to Australia can be overwhelming. There is a lot of support available to you through the university:  

Student Support Advisors

Mental Health Connect

Health and Wellbeing 

Supporting the student life initiatives you want

Our UNSW Clubs and Societies are a vital part of your student experience outside the classroom. Joining a club is a great way to make friends, get active, and make the most of your time at university. UNSW's Student Wellbeing team collaborated with Arc to give grants to some incredible initiatives from clubs & socs. 

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Unsure and want to talk to someone?


If you are arriving in Australia in the coming weeks and need some travel support please contact The Nucleus Student Hub.

Contact The Hub!

If you're feeling nervous, lonely, stressed, or depressed, you can call the following services any time of day or night.

Students not in Australia, call Medibank’s 24/7 Health and Support Line: +61 (2) 8905 0307 

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Students in Australia, call UNSW Mental Health Support Line: 1300 787 026

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