See the resources below for additional support in securing and maintaining a safe accommodation.

Rent Affordability Schemes

The Rent Choice Youth scheme in New South Wales (NSW) is a government initiative designed to provide affordable accommodation to young Australians and permanent residents facing barriers to securing stable and affordable housing.  This initiative is for young people aged 16-24 years old, who may be experiencing financial constraints, lack of rental history, and limited support networks. Having stable accommodation means you can focus on your education.

Other rental affordability schemes to consider:

  1. Iglu - National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS) Apartments
  2. My Foundations Youth Housing
  3. Echo Realty - Information for applicants
  4. Cubic Real Estate - Affordable Housing
  5. Services Australia - Rent Assistance

Food Assistance

Arc UNSW provides free food pantry for students. More information can be found here.

Relocation Resources

  • MoneySmart has a section specifically for students on how to live on student budget. 

  • Study in Australia estimates general living costs for students. 

  • Creating your Life in Australia provides a range of helpful information for relocating to Australia from how to get a Tax File Number, driver's licence, find a doctor, open a bank account or enrol children into school. 

  • Sydney Moving Guide highlights median rents in Sydney per neighborhood and number of bedrooms.  

NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT)

NCAT is the one-stop-shop for specialist tribunal services in NSW. NCAT deals with a broad and diverse range of matters including tenancy issues. Contact them.

Visa implications

There are lots of myths around visa cancellation, particularly when it comes to seeking legal or medical advice, tenancy and bond disputes, mental health help or drug and alcohol related rehab, and being a bystander during a physical altercation or emergency and calling emergency services for help. These are simply untrue. None of these things will impact your visa. Only the Minister can cancel your visa.

Your visa may be cancelled if:

  • you were non-compliant with visa conditions
  • you did not meet Home Affairs' character requirements
  • you provided false information on your visa application

If you are in Australia or immigration clearance we will usually notify you of their intention to consider cancelling your visa and give you the opportunity to put forward reasons why your visa should not be cancelled. More information. 

Contact a Student Support Advisor or seek legal advice, if you have questions or your visa has been threatened.

Employment Options

Employment can strengthen your rental application, given the focus is on affordability.

The rental market is currently quite expensive. Please consider the following resources for employment opportunities:

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