REQUIREMENTS for Accommodation Providers of Under 18 International Students where UNSW has provided a Confirmation of Appropriate Accommodation and Welfare

General responsibilities

The Accommodation Provider is responsible for providing a safe and suitable environment, and for the health and wellbeing of any U18 Student residing at the Premises including, without limitation:

  • providing both single sex and unisex accommodation options at the Premises;
  • providing single sex multi-share apartments for U18 Students only;
  • providing U18 Students with a security pass to the Premises and their room;
  • providing a weekly linen service to U18 Students, or providing suitable and sufficient onsite laundry facilities;
  • ensuring that the Premises are clean and tidy;
  • ensuring that there is a designated person to manage U18 Students.  The designated person is responsible for the general welfare of U18 Students and for being the first point of contact for both resident U18 Students and UNSW Personnel;
  • ensuring that there are Residential Advisors (RA) living on the Premises, and maintaining appropriate RA to U18 Student ratios, being no less than 1 RA to 35 U18 Students per U18 floor or where a floor accommodates a mix of U18 and over 18 students, no less than 1 RA to 30 U18 Students. There will also be a dedicated staff member who is responsible for under 18 Student matters
  • ensuring that access to the Premises is monitored using a log book and access cards;
  • maintaining 24-hour security including CCTV cameras and onsite security staff;
  • enforcing an evening curfew of 10.00pm and ensuring that U18 Students do not leave the Premises before 6.00am. There must be documented procedures to follow up with U18 Students who fail to comply with these restrictions; and
  • prohibiting smoking, alcohol and non-prescription or recreational drug use on the
    Premises or, where alcohol is permitted on the Premises, ensuring that U18 Students do not have access to alcohol.


The Accommodation Provider must facilitate any inspection of the Premises requested by UNSW.

Accommodation Provider’s Arrangements with U18 Students

  • The Accommodation Provider must have an online booking system to enable U18 Students or their agents to apply for a place at the Premises.
  • The Accommodation Provider must send an email to the nominated contact person when U18 Students have paid their security deposit and confirming the relevant booking reference number.
  • The Accommodation Provider must ensure that it provides U18 Students with documented orientation materials to ensure the U18 Student clearly understands his or her rights and obligations whilst a resident at the Premises.
  • The Accommodation Provider must ensure that the orientation materials include, without limitation, clear and accurate information as to:
    • The pricing applicable, including when and how payments are due, including any up-front payment requirements;
    • Any conditions relating to refunds of accommodation fees paid;
    • Any notice periods or other terms applicable when a student wishes to terminate their accommodation arrangement (including the terms of any penalty free termination for any U18 Student that turns 18 whilst residing at the Premises); and
    • Who to contact in an emergency.
  • The Accommodation Provider must ensure that each U18 Student has scheduled an airport pick-up for their arrival date and, in circumstances where an U18 Student has not informed the Accommodation Provider of their arrival date, it is the responsibility of the Accommodation Provider to ensure liaison with UNSW staff to confirm the U18 Student’s arrival details.
  • The Accommodation Provider must have a standardised invoicing process with rules for the number of weeks the U18 Student should be charged upfront, all of which should be captured in the policy referred to in paragraph 7.1(a) of these Requirements.

Student welfare responsibilities

  • The Accommodation Provider must immediately notify UNSW Security of any Critical Incidents including, without limitation, accident, serious illness or medical emergency suffered by the U18 Student or any identified risk of any of the foregoing.
  • The Accommodation Provider must immediately notify the UNSW Contacts of any:
    • issues relating to an U18 Student that would require UNSW to notify the Government of that change under the National Code;
    • unexplained absences of any U18 Student;
    • circumstances the Accommodation Provider becomes aware of that give rise to concerns about the health, safety and wellbeing (physical or mental) of the U18 Student or their ability to cope with demands of the course being undertaken at UNSW; or
    • serious misconduct by the U18 Student.
  • In circumstances where an U18 Student submits to UNSW a request to terminate their accommodation agreement as permitted under their accommodation agreement, the Accommodation Provider will, upon request by UNSW, facilitate the process by:
    • Making any transportation or relocation arrangements necessary; and
    • Arranging any refund due.
  • In circumstances where UNSW requests the termination of a student’s accommodation agreement in accordance with clause of the Agreement, the Accommodation Provider must implement such request within the timeframe requested and shall:
    • make all arrangements for the transportation of the U18 Student and their possessions to their alternate accommodation (both temporary and permanent);
    • follow all reasonable directions of UNSW; and
    • be responsible for all costs of the relocation in accordance with clause 10.3 of the Agreement.


  • The Accommodation Provider shall deliver to UNSW a report every week detailing the following matters:
    • Any breaches by U18 Students of the curfew;
    • Any U18 Student welfare concerns; and
    • Copies of correspondence to U18 Students and/or their parents regarding breaches and concerns.
  • The Accommodation Provider shall deliver to UNSW a report every six (6) months detailing the following matters:
    • A list of the Working with Children and criminal record checks completed by Personnel;
    • The training provided to Personnel;
    • The details of any new processes or policies;
    • Confirmation of any actions taken in response to any issues arising from an inspection carried out by UNSW.
  • The Accommodation Provider shall deliver to UNSW the availability report as set out in paragraph 9.1 of these Requirements.

Accommodation provider’s personnel

  • The Accommodation Provider must ensure that any Personnel who may come into direct contact with U18 Students:
    • has a current Working with Children Check clearance and a clear criminal record check; and
    • has received suitable training (for example, mental health, first aid and pastoral care training) and is aware of the Accommodation Provider’s obligations under this Agreement.
  • The Accommodation Provider must implement appropriate policies, practices, codes of conduct and provide training to its all its Personnel to ensure a child safe environment.

Accommodation provider policies

  • The Accommodation Provider must have documented policies, procedures and/or protocols readily available to current and prospective U18 Students, their families and agents in relation to the following:
    • the pricing for services provided by the Accommodation Provider, including the amounts, and when and how payments and refunds are due;
    • termination options and conditions, including relevant refund conditions;
    • training of Personnel, in relation to their responsibilities associated with providing accommodation services and pastoral care for U18 Students;
    • restrictions or prohibitions on smoking, alcohol and non-prescription or recreational drug use on the Premises;
    • student Misconduct;
    • critical incidents and 24/7 emergency services;
    • approval of absences for U18 Students; and
    • relocation of U18 Students as necessary.
  • The Accommodation Provider must provide a copy of its Policies and Procedures to UNSW upon request. 

Approval of temporary absence

  • The Accommodation Provider must ensure that U18 Students are not permitted to stay away from the Premises without the prior written consent of their parent or guardian, which must be confirmed by UNSW.  The Accommodation Provider must not accept consents directly from an U18 Student.
  • The Accommodation Provider must submit all requests for the absence of an U18 Student to UNSW for approval by no later than close of business on the Wednesday preceding the proposed absence date.
  • Requests must be submitted in writing to the nominated contact person set out in paragraph 10 of these Requirements.
  • UNSW will confirm all approvals for a temporary absence in writing.
  • The maximum temporary absence permitted is two (2) nights and may only take place on Friday and Saturday night during the term.

Room availability and packages

  • The Accommodation Provider must provide UNSW with weekly updates about accommodation availability at the Premises in the 2 months leading up to an accommodation intake, and no less than once per month outside of this period. The availability update must include:
    • Number of beds available for what period of time; and
    • The number of U18 Student beds available.
  • The Accommodation Provider must make available to UNSW an appropriate range of accommodation packages to suit the needs of its students and the different intake dates that are available.  The Accommodation Provider will meet with UNSW in August every year to determine the range of packages to be offered to students in the following year. Packages will include a mix of 6 and 12 month packages, as well as program length packages with a duration of one semester for Foundation Studies students, where possible.

UNSW has agreements with the following approved providers

  • Scape Darling House & Scape Darling Square
  • Iglu Redfern
  • Australia Homestay Network
  • Auzzie Families
  • Oz Homestay
  • Consteam (Study Vision) Homestay

Contact details

The Accommodation Provider must get in touch with UNSW as follows:

Critical Incidents for ALL Students

Upon the occurrence of a Critical Incident, all notifications must be directed to UNSW Security:

UNSW Sydney Students

All notifications, general enquiries and requests to approve a temporary absence relating to UNSW Sydney Students must be directed to International Student Compliance:

UNSW Global Students

All notifications, general enquiries and requests to approve a temporary absence relating to UNSW Global Students must be directed to Student Support:

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