Microsoft Teams for Students

Microsoft Teams is a program in the Microsoft Office 365 suite. 

Every enrolled student at UNSW has free access to most programs in this suite, including Microsoft Teams. 

Microsoft Teams enables you to call, direct message (online chat), have video conferences, schedule and have online meetings, share documents and collaborate.

What do I use it for?

Receive and make calls to any UNSW student or staff member on your laptop, desktop or mobile device
Just click on Calls in the left toolbar and search for the individual's name in the call directory. Then click and connect! You can also enter a number directly. 

Schedule meetings with internal and external people within and outside of UNSW
This is helpful tool if you are working on a group assignment, have a study group or just need to virtually meet with other people in your classes. You can also video call people within a channel or chat.

Add people to your Team
Teams if pretty lonely if it's just you. You can add people via the Manage my Team function. People can also add themselves and also leave if they wish. 

Share documents with each other and collaborate on these in real time
You can upload documents into your chat or channel and your classmates can open it inside the platform and work on it as a shared document. You can also share your screen when in a video chat and everyone will be able to see your document. 

Store files and documents for your team or group - accessible from anywhere
Come back to your documents any time, they will be in the files tab waiting for you. 

Access Teams from any internet-enabled device via any browser
Desktop, laptop, mobile device - as long as it has an internet connection and a browser, you can use Teams!


How do I get it?


Self Learning Resources

For a fast and easy reference on how to use Teams, with helpful shortcuts and tips, refer to the Microsoft's Guide. Also, you can get a great understanding of the look and functionality of Microsoft Teams by working with the interactive demo.

For some more in-depth training and a video introduction to the Teams platform, Microsoft have provided the Introduction to Microsoft Teams training video.


Need help?

Contact IT

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