Studying from Home

Chances are many of you are studying from home for the first time and will continue studying online throughout the term. Studying from home certainly has its perks but it is good to set some boundaries to promote wellbeing so you don’t feel like you’re always studying.

Make a Schedule

Spend some time each morning planning your day. Plan out what you want to achieve academically but also schedule in time for some breaks, self-care and calls with friends.  Ticking off those items at the end of the day helps give us a sense of achievement and helps us stay on track.

Organise your workspace

While it may be tempting to work from the comfort of your bed, it is best to have separate areas for work and rest. Keeping your bed for sleep only helps your brain realise when it is bedtime and will help you fall asleep faster at night.

Clear out an area that you can study from, ideally somewhere well-lit with good ventilation and minimal distraction. Remember to consider social distancing recommendations (1.5m away from anyone else) and clean the area regularly. Some photographs of family and friends or cute animal pics may help brighten your desk!

Change out of your pyjamas

Let’s face it, we’ve all dreamed of lying on the couch in our pyjamas while crammed on packed public transport on a cold winter’s morning. As tempting as it sounds, working from our pyjamas really blurs the boundaries between study time and downtime in the same way as working from bed. Getting showered and dressed (even into track pants) helps you get into work mode and it is a simple act of self-care.

Take regular breaks

While on campus you are likely to break up your day by getting coffee and chatting with friends. Studying from home should be no different. Regular breaks are essential for memory consolidation and overall wellbeing. Try a Zoom coffee date with your friends, practice mindfulness or get outdoors for a walk in the fresh air. Remember, social distancing does not equal social isolation.

Define when the day is done

Studying from home can make it hard to switch off at the end of the day. Set a time when you will finish and stick to it. Put your laptop and books away until the next day and move away from your workspace.  You’re probably going to have more time on your hands without the usual commute to campus. Use this time wisely on all those things you haven’t had time for in the past.

  • Experiment with free meditation apps
  • Learn a new instrument
  • Journal
  • Master a new language (try out free apps)
  • Get creative with arts and crafts
  • Or do nothing - that's okay too!
  • Wanna watch more Netflix than anyone has ever watched? Why not? 


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