SEXtember Sexual Wellbeing Series

It's time for the sex-ed you never received in school!

Join Georgia Grace, NORMAL's in house sex coach in her Sexual Wellbeing Series created specifically for UNSW students. 

In this short series you'll be guided through some important areas of sex and intimacy including; healthy relationships, mental heal and sex and desire. You may know a little about each of these areas already, however these are incredibly big topics that can not be covered in a short video. However, this series offers you a great starting point on your intimate journey through sex, sexuality, desire and healthy relationships. 

While this series wont be covering everything, there's great news! As a student at UNSW aged 18+ you'll have free access to an incredible online video course called "The Modern Guide to Sex" that was developed with Georgia Grace and NORMAL. There are 15 episodes covering the foundations of sex where you'll explore a range of topics, answer some of the big questions about sex and relationships that are inclusive to all human experiences no matter how or who they are intimate with. There are also dozens of practical activities to work through by yourself or with someone else with over 180 pages of diagrams and resources to make sure you're well equipped to have a robust and healthy intimate life.



About Georgia Grace

Find out more about NORMAL's resident sex coach and your guide through this wellbeing series.

Georgia Grace is a certified Australian sex coach, working with individuals, couples, and groups in supporting people to have the fulfilling sex lives they want. Georgia's training combines somatics (awareness of the body) with sexology (the scientific study of sexuality) to help her clients overcome blockages, form deep connections and experience more pleasure. Georgia also uses her popular Instagram account @gspot._ to share sex-positive education with a wide audience, and appears regularly in the media, from writing a column for GQ to chatting about sexual wellness on The Bachelor, Triple J's The Hook-Up and many more.




One of the most common reasons people seek support of a sexologist, a sex therapist or a sex coach is to get some help with their libido, desire, or their sexual appetite. This is common because sexual desire can be affected by lots of things.

Sexual Wellbeing Series: Desire - SEXtember

Healthy Relationships

What are the habits or behaviours of a healthy relationship? How do you feel? What are you willing to do for others, and what are you also wanting to receive in a fulfilling relationship?

Sexual Wellbeing Series: Healthy Relationships - SEXtember

Stress and Mental Health

How you're feeling mentally and emotionally can directly impact your sexual experience. At the moment, we've all been through a lot, and this can impact your relationship with your own body, and your relationship with others.

Sexual Wellbeing Series: Stress - SEXtember

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