SEXtember Wellbeing Series

Making the most of your sexual journey and understanding your body wellness

Sex, love or intimacy? 

Sex isn’t for everyone or every relationship, it is something you choose when you’re ready. There are loads of different reasons to have sex: it can be because you love someone or for a bit of fun. But, sex doesn't always equal intimacy, and you can be intimate with someone without having sex. 

The important thing is that sex is consensual. It’s something you both want to do – every time. And if you don’t want to have sex, you don’t have to. Even if you said you wanted to and then it doesn’t feel right. You can stop at any point and that’s okay. You can also say yes to some things and not others.  

If you feel pressured, forced or coerced into having sex of any kind, or you are substantially influenced by drugs or alcohol, you cannot give consent. This type of sex is not okay. In fact, it can be considered sexual assault. Learn more.


Do you want your partner all the time or does your desire fluctuate? Desire and libido are influenced by a range of factors. Georgia Grace, sex coach and somatic therapist unpacks this and gives you tips on how to understand your own and others desire.


Healthy Relationships

“You have to learn to be a good Lover”. What are the habits or behaviours of a healthy relationship? What are you willing to do for others, and what are you also wanting to receive in a fulfilling relationship? In this video Georgia explores the role of communication, understanding your own body and the practice of asking for what you want and need. 


Stress, Sex and Mental Health

Developed by Georgia Grace and NORMAL the "The Modern Guide to Sex" covers 15 episodes for healthy and robust intimacy. You'll explore a range of topics and answer some of the big questions about sex and relationships. There are also dozens of practical activities to work through by yourself or with someone else. As a student at UNSW aged 18+, you have free access to this resource. 


About Georgia Grace

Find out more about NORMAL's resident sex coach and your guide through this wellbeing series.

Georgia Grace is a certified Australian sex coach, working with individuals, couples, and groups in supporting people to have the fulfilling sex lives they want. Georgia's training combines somatics (awareness of the body) with sexology (the scientific study of sexuality) to help her clients overcome blockages, form deep connections and experience more pleasure. Georgia also uses her popular Instagram account @gspot._ to share sex-positive education with a wide audience, and appears regularly in the media such as: Vogue, The Bachelor, Triple J and many more.



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