Preparing you for a successful student life!

Starting university can feel overwhelming, with so many new systems, processes and ways of working to be learned during your first term.

The Prepping for Success series aims to equip you with the skills to feel confident from day one.
Hear from senior students and university experts to equip you for success at uni.

Equitable Learning Services

Equitable Learning Services is a free and confidential service that provides practical support to ensure your mental or physical health conditions do not adversely affect your studies.

Moodle 101

Moodle is the online learning management system used at UNSW. It allows you to access course materials, gain feedback, contact tutors, upload work, see grades and more.

Time Management 101

Receive tips and tricks to ensure you can make the most of your time at University - enabling you to succeed academically, while also making the most of student life.

Budgeting 101

Learn to budget and see what financial support UNSW offers. This workshop will equip you with the essential skills to become cash-clever for university and life beyond.

UNSW Sydney Student Support Services

Learn about the wide range of support available to you as a UNSW student.

From Arc & Academic Skills to Employability & Mental Health Connect, this video will help you get your head around the services UNSW has on offer. 

Support & Resources

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