New AI detection tool in Turnitin

Published: 1 May 2023

As AI applications develop, so do AI detection tools. All teachers marking assessments submitted through either Moodle Turnitin Assignment or Inspera now have access to a new AI detection tool. The tool is similar to the Similarity tool currently in use, providing teachers with the percentage of AI generated text and highlighting the relevant passages.

While the technology changes, our values around academic integrity do not. Your work must be your own and where the use of AI tools like ChatGPT have been permitted by your course convener, they must be properly credited, and your submissions must be substantially your own work. In cases where the use of AI has been prohibited, please respect this and be aware that where unauthorised use is detected, penalties will apply.

Read more below about how this affects your learning at UNSW.

What do I need to do?

Always read your assessment instructions carefully to understand what level of use of AI is permitted. What is permitted will vary across different assessments. At some points in your learning, it will be important to assess your understanding without the use of AI tools. At other points you may be assessed on how well you have learnt to use the tools. Your teachers will set the level of acceptable use of AI for each assessment based on course learning outcomes. 

A simple principle to remember for all assessments, irrespective of what level of AI-use is permitted, is this:

If you use AI in the writing of your assessment you should always clearly acknowledge this (e.g. via a footnote).  

If you are unsure of what is acceptable, please ask your teacher.

How will the AI detection tool be used?

This detection tool will assist your teachers in identifying any unauthorised use of AI in student submissions. As with the Similarity tool, if there is a report that sections of the submission were AI generated this will not be seen as an automatic conclusion that academic misconduct has occurred. However, it will be a flag that triggers further investigation.  

If a Course Authority has a suspicion that there may be unauthorised use of AI you may be asked to: 

  • Provide drafts of your work to your Course Authority 

  • Meet with your Course Authority to explain how you prepared your assignment and/or your understanding of the assessment, otherwise known as an oral assessment or viva voce

  • Meet with the Conduct & Integrity Office as part of a Courageous Conversation, or student misconduct process where a School has reasonable suspicions that there has been unauthorised use of AI. 

As this is a new tool, we recognise that there may be instances where the use of AI may be incorrectly identified. This tool will be used as one of a number of pieces of information that may indicate the unauthorised use of AI in assignments.

What are the implications?

The unauthorised or unacknowledged use of AI in assessments is a form of cheating and is considered to be student misconduct at UNSW. When unauthorised use of AI in assessments is determined, penalties may include a fail and mark of zero for the course, through to suspension or permanent exclusion. 

Where can I get help?

If you need help with your assessments, there are alternatives to cheating. Please use the help we provide. You can:

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