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Participate in surveys run by our very own UNSW research students and contribute to their theses!

The surveys listed below are currently open for participation. Please note that they may have unique eligibility criteria and incentives for completion.

Cognitive diagnostics research study

Eligibility: Male students aged 18+, no history of stress and/or anxiety diagnosed disorders, no experience with HTML

Incentive: $30 gift voucher

You'll be asked to complete a multimedia lesson (and filling out questionnaires) while wearing measurement devices. This study will take place in the Computer Science & Engineering building at UNSW Kensington Campus. Your participation will take approximately 90 minutes. 

To get involved, email [email protected]

Improving young novice drivers' safety

Eligibility: People aged 18-25 who hold a valid Australian provisional license (P-plates)

Incentive: $50 Coles gift vouchers: $30 for Session 1 (1.5 hours) and $20 for Session 2 (1 week apart and less than 1 hour)

Take part in a driving simulator study investigating young novice drivers’ behaviour.

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Characteristic Changes of Visual Functions using Atropine Eye Drops

Eligibility: Aged between 18 and 35 with good general and eye health. Further eligibility criteria apply.

Incentive: A $20 Coles gift card for each study visit (a total of $40). 

UNSW researchers are conducting a study to evaluate the effect of using 0.05% atropine eye drops on our ability to discriminate objects' motions, contrast and colour at low-light levels in subjects with shortsightedness (myopia).

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    Analysing perceptions of normality, and influences for female genital cosmetic surgery

    Eligibility: UNSW students based in NSW aged 18-35

    Incentive: N/A

    Researchers at UNSW are conducting a project about public’s perceptions of the range of normal with regards to female genitalia and factors influencing the decision to access female genital cosmetic surgery. The focus groups will be divided into 3 categories; those who currently have female genitalia, those who currently have male genitalia, those who have had any cosmetic genital surgical procedures. Participants who are uncomfortable taking part in mixed gender focus groups but would like to take part in the research can choose to complete a one-on-one interview. 

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      An investigation of the roles of both the right inferior frontal cortex and presupplementary motor area in subserving impulsivity via the response inhibition neural pathway

      Eligibility: Right-handed people aged between 18 and 50 who do not smoke and are not taking any medications which might affect brain stimulation, among other criteria.

      Incentive: $150 in gift vouchers to reimburse you for any reasonable travel, parking, meals and other expenses after completing four experimental sessions.

      Researchers at UNSW are conducting a project to investigate the roles of the right inferior frontal cortex and presupplementary motor area in modulating brain function associated with impulsive behaviours using non-invasive brain stimulation and cognitive tasks.

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        Investigating the role of near vision behaviour in the myopia progression among children


        1. Aged 6 to 14 years old
        2. Have short-sightedness (myopia) greater than -0.50D and emmetropic (normally sighted) (+- 0.50D)
        3. Best corrected vision 0.1 logMAR (6/7.5) or better in each eye
        4. No history of eye turn (strabismus) or lazy eye (amblyopia) 
        5. Good ocular and general health
        6. Not using any form of myopia control treatment
        7. Myopic children willing to undergo myopia treatment at the UNSW Optometry Clinic.

        Incentive: A $100 Coles voucher for completing Phase 1 and a $300 Coles voucher for completing Phase 2. During the screening test, if the child fails to meet study inclusion criteria, they will receive only a $25 Coles voucher. 

        Researchers at UNSW are seeking participants for a project to compare near vision behaviour (NVB) between myopic and emmetropic children. 

        To express your interest, contact Samrat Sarkar (PhD student in the School of Optometry and Vision Science under the supervision of Dr Pauline Kang and A/Prof Sieu Khuu) at [email protected]

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