What is hybrid learning?

At UNSW, Hybrid learning combines both online and face to face learning and teaching activities in one class. It gives students greater flexibility around attending face to face or online sessions and aims to provide equitable learning outcomes despite attendance mode.

Students either attend class in-person or online, and engage in the same activities, class discussion and question and answer sessions regardless of their location.

Find out more about how we are supporting hybrid learning and teaching at UNSW in our latest video below.

How to get the most out of your hybrid learning experience

Hybrid learning gives you flexibility in how you choose to attend your class whilst completing all the requirements of your course work. Your hybrid learning experience will be different from if you are always attending classes in-person or studying fully online.

To help you prepare for your hybrid class, we have put together A Student’s Guide to Hybrid Study which contains helpful information and tips on how you can you get the most out of your hybrid learning experience. 

You can read online or download A Student’s Guide to Hybrid Study (PDF) to your device, keeping it as a handy resource to reference when you need it.

How UNSW is supporting hybrid learning & teaching

Video: 1 minute 16 seconds.

Support resources to help you with your hybrid study

Speak to your course convenor or teacher if you have any questions or need support relating directly to your hybrid course. For general information and help with your hybrid study, browse through the Useful Links for Studying or access the online Student Support Resources, as outlined in the A Student’s Guide to Hybrid Study:

A Student's Guide to Hybrid Study (PDF)

(PDF, 600K, 3 pages)

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