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International Students share real life dating experiences in Australia.

Dating in Australia

Hear International Students discuss their dating experiences in Australia from understanding Aussie slang to cultural differences to language barriers. 

English Version


Mandarin Version


Dating and Consent

Hear from international students about the importance of consent, of knowing your boundaries and respecting another’s.  


What is consent?

“Do you like that” consent can be sexy and it’s great to know how to ask 


Pregnancy, Contraception and Abortion

Statistically unplanned pregnancy is most likely in the first year. Most people don’t seek advice about contraception until they are in a long-term relationship and that can be too late.  Students give advice on what you should consider.

Healthy Relationships

“My experience in Australia has been one of liberation”. Healthy relationships involve connection and conversations. Hear more about healthy dating experiences in Australia. 

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