Commonwealth Supported Fees

The below table displays the UNSW tuition fee (student contribution) amounts per Equivalent Full-Time Study Load (EFTSL); i.e. one year of full-time study (48 uoc) for a Commonwealth supported student.

2020 Commonwealth supported tuition charges

2020 Student contribution bands
Student contribution amount per EFTSL
Student contribution amount per 6uoc (0.125 EFTSL)
Band 3: Law, Medicine, Accounting, Administration, Economics, Commerce$11,155$1,394
Band 2: Mathematics, Statistics, Science, Computing, Built Environment, other health, Allied Health, Engineering, Surveying$9,527$1,190
Band 1: Humanities, Behavioural Science, Social Studies, Education, Clinical Psychology, Foreign Languages, Visual and Performing Arts$6,684$835
Note: Courses are charged based on relevant content which means, in some cases, the band amount may vary. Please refer to the UNSW Handbook for details.

In addition to tuition fees, UNSW will charge you a Student Services & Amenities Fee


Higher Education Relief Package 2020

Students studying in 2020 under the Higher Education Relief Package will be charged at the following rates.

2020 Student contribution bands  Student contribution amount per EFTSL        
   Student contribution amount per 6uoc (0.125 EFTSL)     
Allied Health, Other Health, Information technology, Architecture & Building, Science, Engineering, Medical Science, Environmental Studies$5,000$625
Teaching, Nursing, Psychology, English, Mathematics, Foreign Languages, Agriculture$2,500$312

Please note, these rates are for study in 2020 only. If you continue in your current program or transfer to another program for 2021 you will be charged at the 2021 maximum student contribution rates. More information can be found here.

Pricing per course can be found below under: Higher Education Relief Package: Charges per course

Students will be charged the discounted fee for up to a maximum of four courses studied as part of their Graduate Certificate during Terms 2 and 3 (or Semester 2) 2020. The discounted rate will not apply to enrolment in 2021.

In addition to tuition fees, UNSW will charge you a Student Services & Amenities Fee


Higher Education Relief Package: Charges per course

The table below shows the charges per course (based on 6 units of credit) when enrolling in one of the courses listed below, as a commencing student in the second half of 2020, under an approved Graduate Certificate program. The reduced student contribution fees will only apply to these courses and are only applicable to students commencing in Term 2 or Semester 2 2020 in one of the approved Graduate Certificate programs.

All prices are based on courses that are 6 units of credit. Courses with more or less units of credit will adjust the cost accordingly.

Course codeCourse Name Student Contribution per 0.125 EFTSL (6UOC) 
AVIA5015Safety Management Systems$625
AVIA5018Aviation Human Factors$625
AVIA5022Aircraft Accident Investigation Techniques$625
CEIC8102Advanced Process Control$625
CEIC8104Topics in Polymer Technology$625
CEIC8204Topics in Business Management in Chemical Engineering$625
CEIC8330Process Engineering in the Petroleum Industry$625
CEIC8341Membrane Processes$625
CHEN6701Advanced Reaction Engineering$625
CHEN6703Advanced Particle Systems Engineering$625
COMP6447System and Software Security Assessment$625
COMP9020Foundations of Computer Science$625
COMP9021Principles of Programming$625
COMP9024Data Structures and Algorithms$625
COMP9032Microprocessors and Interfacing$625
COMP9311Database Systems$625
COMP9331Computer Networks and Applications$625
COMP9511Human Computer Interaction$625
COMP9322Software Service Design & Eng$625 
COMP9323e-Enterprise Project$625
COMP9444Neural Networks, Deep Learning$625
COMP6443Web Application Security$625
COMP6447Security Assessment$625
COMP6452Blockchain App Architecture$625
COMP6721(In-)Formal Methods$625
COMP6752Modelling Concurrent Systems$625
COMP6771Advanced C++ Programming$625
COMP6843Extended WebApp Security$625
COMP9044Software Construction$625
COMP9101Design & Analysis of Algorithms$625
COMP9154Foundations of Concurrency$625
COMP9201Operating Systems$625
COMP9242Advanced Operating Systems$625
COMP9313Big Data Management$625
COMP9319Web Data Compression & Search$625
COMP9332Network Routing and Switching$625
COMP9336Mobile Data Networking$625
COMP9414Artificial Intelligence$625
COMP9417Machine Learning & Data Mining$625
COMP9517Computer Vision$625
COMP4121Advanced & Parallel Algorithms$625
COMP4161Advanced Verification$625
COMP4418Knowledge Representation$625
COMP4511User Interface Design and Construction$625
COMP6080Web Front-End Programming$625
COMP6445Digital Forensics$625
COMP6448Security Engineering Masterclass$625
COMP6714Info Retrieval and Web Search$625
COMP6733Internet of Things$625
COMP6741Parameterized & Exact Comp.$625
COMP6845Extended Digital Forensics$625
COMP9164Concepts of Programming Lang.$625
COMP9222Digital Circuits and Systems$625
COMP9243Distributed Systems$625
COMP9418Advanced Machine Learning$625
COMP9434Robotic Software Architecture$625
CONS0005Construction Informatics$625
CONS0010Construction Contracts Management$625
CONS0013Construction Management Theory and Practice$625
CONS0016Construction Risk Management and Business Analytics$625
Cost and Value Management
CVEN4103Engineering Contracts$625
CVEN4104Sustainability in Construction$625
CVEN4202Advanced Topics in Geotechnical Engineering$625
CVEN4204Ground Improvement and Monitoring Techniques$625
CVEN4301Advanced Concrete Structures$625
CVEN4308Structural Dynamics$625
CVEN4402Transport Systems - Part 1: Network Analysis$625
CVEN4405Human Factors in Civil and Transport Engineering$625
CVEN4703Advanced Water Engineering$625
CVEN4705Environmental Sustainability$312
CVEN9407Transport Modelling$625
CVEN9504Urban Transport Planning Practice$625
CVEN9513Advanced Foundation Engineering$625
CVEN9521Slope Instability and Stabilisation$625
CVEN9612Catchment and Water Resources Modelling$625
CVEN9630Groundwater Hydrology and Resources Analysis$625
CVEN9702Project Planning and Control$625
CVEN9710Management of Risk$625
CVEN9731Project Management Framework$625
CVEN9802Structural Stability$625
CVEN9824Advanced Materials Technology$625
CVEN9888Environmental Management$625
EDST5101Advanced Quantitative Research$312
EDST5106Behaviour Management of Exceptional Students$312
EDST5107Teaching Methods for High Incidence Disabilities$312
EDST5111Intellectual Disabilities$312
EDST5122Enhancing Student Learning in Higher Education$312
EDST5129Transitions in the Lives of Students with Disabilities$312
EDST5131Oral Communication Across the Curriculum$312
EDST5138Inclusive Education: Policy, Planning and Pedagogy$312
EDST5142Leading Educational Change$312
EDST5303Learning, Problem Solving, and the Development of Expertise$312
EDST5308Teacher Learning$312
EDST5320Individual Differences and Education$312
EDST5321Motivation in Educational Settings$312
EDST5433Organisation Theory in Education$312
EDST5436Evaluation of Educational Programs$312
EDST5440Advanced TESOL Methodology$312
EDST5441Advanced TESOL Curriculum Design and Assessment$312
EDST5443Assessment for Learning: From Theory to Practice$312
EDST5448Educational Research$312
EDST5451Educational Policy: Theory and Practice$312
EDST5454Developing Literacies: From Kindergarten to University$312
EDST5608Instructional Leadership$312
EDST5802Identification of Gifted Students$312
EDST5805Curriculum Differentiation and Assessment in Gifted Education$312
EDST5807Social and Emotional Development of Intellectually Gifted Children$312
EDST5808Key Concepts and Issues in Gifted Education$312
ELEC4602Microelectronic Design and Technology$625
ELEC4603Solid State Electronics$625
ELEC4605Quantum Devices and Computers$625
ELEC4613Electrical Drive Systems$625
ELEC4617Power System Protection$625
ELEC4622Multimedia Signal Processing$625
ELEC4631Continuous - Time Control System Design$625
ELEC4632Computer Control Systems$625
ELEC9701Mixed Signal Microelectronic Design$625
ELEC9711Power Electronics for Renewable and Distributed Generation$625
ELEC9712High Voltage Systems$625
ELEC9714Electricity Industry Planning and Economics$625
ELEC9716Electrical Safety$625
ELEC9719Real-Time Digital Simulations$625
ELEC9721Digital Signal Processing Theory and Applications$625
ELEC9732Analysis and Design of Non-linear Control$625
ELEC9741Electrical Engineering Data Science$625
ENGG9743Fuel Cycle, Waste and Life Cycle Management$625
ENGG9744Nuclear Safety, Security and Safeguards$625
FOOD8450Advanced Food Engineering$625
GMAT4220Geospatial Information Science$625
GMAT9600Principles of Remote Sensing$625
GMAT9606Microwave Remote Sensing$625
GSOE9111Energy Storage$625
GSOE9141Smart Grids and Distribution Networks$625
GSOE9210Engineering Decision Structures$625
GSOE9340Life Cycle Engineering$625
GSOE9360Academic Discourse in Engineering$625
GSOE9445Entrepreneurial Engineering$625
GSOE9740Industrial Ecology and Sustainable Engineering$625
GSOE9810Process and Product Quality in Engineering$625
GSOE9820Engineering Project Management$625
GSOE9830Economic Decision Analysis in Engineering$625
IEST5002Tools for Environmental Management$625
IEST5003Addressing Environmental Issues$625
IEST5005Environmental Communication$625
IEST5007Environment and Development$625
IEST5021Corporate Environmental Sustainability Reporting$625
IEST5500Understanding Environmental Policy$625
IEST6001Field Ecology for Environmental Management$625
IEST6641Qualitative Research Methods in Regional Australia$625
IEST7200Environmental Management: Law Fundamentals$625
IEST7500Environmental Management: Engineering Fundamentals$625
MANF4611Process Modelling and Simulation$625
MANF9400Industrial Management$625
MANF9420Operations and Supply Chain Management in Engineering$625
MANF9472Production Planning and Control$625
MANF9543Computer Aided Design / Computer Aided Manufacture$625
MMAN4200Additive Manufacturing$625
MMAN4400Engineering Management$625
OPTM7003Epidemiology of Blinding Eye Disease$625
OPTM7104Advanced Contact Lenses$625
OPTM7107Ocular Therapy 1$625
OPTM7115Visual Neuroscience$625
OPTM7208Research Skills in Optometry$625
OPTM7218Research Project$625
OPTM7302Evidence Based Optometry$625
OPTM7511Advanced Ocular Disease 1$625
OPTM7521Advanced Ocular Disease 2$625
OPTM7611Introduction to Myopia  $625
OPTM7612Myopia Management$625
PHCM9050Immunisation Policy and Practice$625
PHCM9440Economic Evaluation in Health Care$625
PHCM9622The Global HIV Epidemic: Social Aspects and Impacts$625
PHCM9701Health Leadership & Workforce Management$625
PHCM9781Evidence-Informed Decision-Making$625
PHCM9784Tropical Disease Control$625
PHCM9785Predictive Modelling in Public Health$312
PHCM9787Infection Prevention and Control in the Healthcare Setting$625
PHCM9788Outbreak Investigation and Intelligence$625
PHCM9789Bioterrorism and Health Intelligence$625
PHTN4662Photonic Networks$625
SOLA3010Low Energy Buildings and Photovoltaics$625
SOLA3020Photovoltaic Technology and Manufacturing$625
SOLA4012Photovoltaic Systems Design$625
SOLA5051Life Cycle assessment$625
SOLA5056Sustainable Energy for Developing Countries$625
SOLA9103Renewable Energy System Modelling & Analysis$625
SOLA9120Advanced Photovoltaic Manufacturing$625
TELE4642Network Performance$625
TELE4651Wireless Communication Technologies$625
TELE4652Mobile and Satellite Communications Systems$625
TELE9751Switching Systems Architecture$625
TELE9754Coding and Information Theory$625
TELE9755Microwave Circuits, Theory and Techniques$625
TELE9756Advanced Networking$625
TELE9782Special Topics in Telecommunications 2$625
ZEIT8009Global Navigation Satellite Systems$625
ZEIT8011Space Systems Technology$625
ZEIT8032Information Assurance Principles$625
ZEIT8221Spaceborne Imaging Technology$625
ZEIT8230Requirements Practice$625
ZEIT8231Test and Evaluation$625
ZEIT8303Project Management Body of Knowledge$625
ZEIT8403Capability Option Analysis$625
ZHSS8467Military Game Changers in 21st Century Warfare$625
ZHSS8504Space Conflict and Competition$625
ZPEM8208Human Factors and the Technological Interface$625

Enrolling in courses under the approved Graduate certificate programs that are not listed above will incur the standard 2020 Commonwealth supported tuition charges. If the course is not approved to count towards your program you may be asked to change your selection, withdraw from the course or agree to be charged under a Non-award enrolment incurring the full Domestic Fee Paying rate and not eligible for Commonwealth Assistance for that course. Please consult your program authority for further details.


How to calculate fees

Below is an example for a 6 uoc course in Band 1.

Course units of creditEFTSL in units of creditstudent contribution band chargeCharge per course
6   ÷48   ×$6,684  =$835


You can find the units of credit per course in the UNSW Handbook. The EFTSL at UNSW is currently always 48.

Am I eligible for Commonwealth support

Commonwealth supported places are competitive and are only available to domestic students.

Domestic undergraduate students who are offered a place through the University Admissions Centre (UAC) will be offered a Commonwealth supported place (CSP).

There are also postgraduate Commonwealth supported places. These places are limited and must be applied for, either directly to UNSW or through UAC. Please see our Postgraduate Commonwealth Support page for more details.

For more information on Commonwealth support eligibility, please refer to Commonwealth Assistance.

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