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2020 Domestic Fee Paying Tuition Fees

The amounts displayed are the cost, per unit of credit (UOC). 48 UOC is the standard full-time load for one year and most courses at UNSW are worth 6 UOC each.

Course DetailsCost per unit of credit
BEILSchool of the Built Environment$855$650
BENVSchool of the Built Environment$855$650
BLDGBuilding Construction Management$855$650
CODEFaculty of Built Environment$855na
CONSBuilding Construction Managementna$650
GENRFaculty of Built Environment$855na
IDESIndustrial Design$855$650
INTAInterior Architecture$855$650
LANDLandscape Architecture$855$650
PLANPlanning & Urban Development$855$650
MUPSUrban Policy & Strategyna$650
RESTBuilding Construction Management$855$650
SUSDSustainable Development$855$650
SUSSSustainable Developmentna$650
UDESSchool of the Built Environment$855$650

In addition to tuition fees UNSW will charge you a Student Services & Amenities Fee

How to calculate fees

  • Current students can access fees on the Fee Statement in myUNSW at the beginning of each teaching period.
  • Course fees can also be calculated by multiplying the cost by the total unit of credit (UOC). You can find the UOC values in the Handbook.

Fees are charged at the course's level of study (i.e. undegraduate / postgraduate / research). This means that if you are a postgraduate student undertaking an undergraduate subject, you will be charged at the undergraduate rate. For example:

Example 1: A postgraduate student enrolling in an undergraduate course such as ARCH1101 which has a value of 6 UOC: The fee for this course will be $855 x 6 = $5,130 which is charged at the undergraduate rate.

Example 2: A postgraduate student enrolling in a postgraduate course such as ARCH7220 which has a value of 6 UOC: The fee for this course will be $650 x 6 = $3,900 which is charged at the postgraduate rate.

Note about fees

UNSW reserves the right to vary student fees during enrolment in line with relevant legislation. The table above shows indicative tuition fee amounts.

The fees listed on this table are in Australian dollars (AUD). Tuition fees are reviewed annually and may increase each year. UNSW makes every attempt to ensure that all information is current but reserves the right to amend any or all of the information above without notice in response to changing circumstances.

Students are charged tuition at the rate corresponding to the year of the Census date applicable to their enrolment in a course.

All tuition and related payments are due at the beginning of each term/semester (unless otherwise stated) and must be paid by the Due Date for Payment.

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