Harassment and Discrimination

Allegations of assault, bullying, harassment and discrimination against students or by students are taken very seriously at UNSW. If you have been assaulted, threatened, harassed or discriminated against you are encouraged to think about your safety and support needs and to know your rights so please consider the following information and support.

Report an incident

If the incident is of a sexual nature you might like to contact a UNSW First Responder or you can Report the incident online.

If you have been assaulted, threatened, harassed or discriminated against by any member of staff or another student because of your race, religion, sexuality, age, disability or gender identity, follow the process outlined in the Student Complaint Procedure.

Policy and conduct

The grounds for discrimination and harassment are clearly set out in Commonwealth and State Anti-Discrimination legislation. You can read details of the legislation provided by the Australian Human Rights Commission. This legislation provides the basis for the University's Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Policy.

The Student Code (pdf) sets out what the University expects from students. All students must accept at enrolment their shared responsibility for maintaining a safe, harmonious and tolerant University environment.

Where a student breaches the code, the University may take disciplinary action in accordance with the Student Misconduct Procedures (pdf).

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