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UNSW Library phased reopening

Click through for the latest updates to UNSW Library services as part of the return to campus roadmap!

VIP ChallENG | Join the MINEX Project

Join the project to explore how off-world robotics, wearable technology, and visualisation can bring the mining industry into the future!

Research robotics, VR/AR, and off-earth mining to change the way we mine.

VIP ChallENG | Join the Deep Earth Storage Project

Join this project to investigate the potential of geostorage as we aim for a zero-carbon future!

Develop a key technology for the transition to a zero-carbon future in the storage of fluids and gases in the subsurface (geostorage).

VIP ChallENG | Join the Degradable Batteries Project

End-of-life batteries are an emergent challenge to sustainability.

Join this project to help drive ground-breaking innovations to make batteries easy to recycle, degrade, and revive.

VIP ChallENG | Join the NextGEN Energy Storage Project

Be part of the future energy solution! Energy is the driving force for all life on our precious planet.

A sustainable and clean energy future depends on our ability to efficiently store large amounts of energy.  


Get 15 days of Industrial Training with the EWH Virtual Innovation Exchange!

The EWH Virtual Innovation Exchange is an amazing opportunity for students to explore the concepts of biomedical design, collaboration, ethics and entrepreneurship, within the realm of engineering for low-resource environments. Participants will work in international teams to collaborate on design challenges specific to healthcare in Cambodia or Uganda.

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