Cultural Mentors are students who provide valuable support and advice to commencing international students. Cultural Mentors are provided with training and the opportunity to develop communication, organisation, and interpersonal skills.

Being a Cultural Mentor is a rewarding opportunity to make new friends, get involved in fun social events, and contribute to the successful transition of new students at UNSW. This opportunity is approved by UNSW Advantage as being eligible to appear on your AHEGS.

Applications for T2 2024 are now open!

Who can become a Cultural Mentor?

The Cultural Mentor Program is open to all students who are in their 2nd term or above.  We welcome domestic and international students from all disciplines and levels of study to join our team, as long as you have an interest in supporting and connecting with international students!

Why become a Cultural Mentor?

  • A rewarding experience to help new international students grow and thrive under your guidance and mentorship,  

  • A chance to learn about different cultures through interacting and connecting with diverse international students via events and workshops,

  • An opportunity to facilitate a supportive environment for all individuals and create deeper connections with the wider community, 

  • An opportunity to collaborate with other like-minded Cultural Mentors who are committed to fostering an inclusive community at UNSW,   

  • An opportunity to build and improve your communication, leadership, and team working skills, and have your work recognized on your AHEGs. 

What are some of the roles and responsibilities?

Curious about the tasks and responsibilities of a Cultural Mentor? Here is a list of the roles you would undertake within the program:

  • Become the first point of contact for incoming international students, ensuring they feel welcomed and supported within the UNSW community.  

  • Lead mentoring sessions with your mentee(s) and share with them your experience studying at UNSW and living in Sydney. 

  • Collaborate with UNSW to support events designed for students from diverse backgrounds 

  • Organise and facilitate social activities among other Cultural Mentors and mentees. 

How do I apply?

Applications to become a Cultural Mentor in T2 2024 are now open!

To apply for the program, you will need to fill in the application form below followed by a group interview. Successful applicants will then complete a set of training before starting their role as a Cultural Mentor. 

Cultural Mentor application form: APPLY HERE


Hear from our past Mentors

"Becoming a mentor had taught me a lot over the years and I never expected to discover new things about myself along the way ... I am grateful to come away with lifelong friendships and connections which would never happen if I had not been a part of the Cultural Mentor community. 

- Vanessa Prajitno, Bachelor of Science (Honours), Indonesia/Australia

"The program has helped me develop a sense of belonging to the UNSW community by making friends with amazing mentors and helping new international students explore and enjoy living in Sydney as much as I do. It has been a pleasure to have been part of my mentees’ inspiring journeys."

- Bahar Hakimjavadi, Bachelor of Laws/Psychology (Honours), Australia/Iran 

"Started mentoring to repay the lollipop moments that I had when I initiated my life here at UNSW but the more I participate, the more lollipop moments I receive from the team and mentees."

- Myung Jae Kwak, Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, South Korea

"It's my honour to be a cultural mentor as this program grants me a lot of opportunities to meet people around the globe and (the opportunity to) provide guidance and support to other students. It also allows me to improve my leadership skills and has broadened my horizons."

- Chi Yan Chiu, Bachelor of Commerce and Economics, Hong Kong 

Do you have any questions? Contact us.

For more information, please contact [email protected] 

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