Here you can find information about the UNSW 3+ Academic Calendar for inbound students from overseas institutions to study at UNSW Sydney.

Our innovative calendar makes it easy for you to plan your studies to suit your academic needs and your timeframe. We have three standard terms as well as a Summer (January) term and a Winter (August) term. So, you can choose between a Standard Term, a Tailored Term, a Double Term or one of our year-long options.

You have the flexibility to build your Study Abroad or Exchange program based on the number of credits you need to transfer back to your home institution. The full time academic load at UNSW is 48 UNSW credits (60 ECTS) per year, which is usually taken over 8 courses.  

For semester-based programs, you have the choice of 18 UNSW credits (3 courses, 22.5 ECTS) over a standard Term, or 24 UNSW credits (4 course, 30 ECTS) over a Tailored Term. With your home institution’s agreement, you may also be able to take a unique 5 or 6 course option (37.5 or 45 ECTS).  

To start planning your Study Abroad or Exchange we recommend you determine the number of courses you need to take and the duration of your UNSW Study. The number of terms and therefore the length of your stay at UNSW is your study plan.

How many courses do you wish to study?

I would like to study 1 course (6 UNSW Credits)

I would like to study 3 courses (18 UNSW Credits, 22.5 ECTS)

You can choose from either:

I would like to study 4 courses (24 UNSW credits, 30 ECTS)

You have the choice of six options:

I would like to study 5-6 courses (30-36 UNSW Credits, 37.5-45 ECTS)

You can choose to enrol in:

I would like to study 8 courses (48 UNSW Credits, 60 ECTS)

You have the option to take:

Study plan term dates

Summer (January) Term

YEAR 2021 2022
Term Start  4 Jan 4 Jan
Exams End 6 Feb 7 Feb

Term 1

YEAR 2021 2022
Term Start  15 Feb 14 Feb
Exams End 13 May 12 May (TBC)

Term 2

YEAR 2021 2022
Term Start 31 May 30 May
Exams End 26 Aug 25 Aug (TBC)

Winter (August) Term

YEAR 2021 2022
Term Start 16 Aug 15 Aug
Exams End 10 Sep 9 Sep

Term 3

YEAR 2021 2022
Term Start  13 Sep 12 Sep
Exams End 9 Dec 8 Dec (TBC)


Our compulsory Orientation is held in the week before the start of term for all incoming Study Abroad and Exchange Students. Students commencing in the Summer or Winter Terms only need to attend the orientation in those terms.


The Exams end date is the last date of exams for that period. Students should ensure that they are available for the entire exam period as the  final exam timetable is only released half way through the term.

Next Steps

Your next step is to seek nomination from your home university if you are an Exchange student, or to apply as a Study Abroad student to UNSW by the relevant deadline.

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