Do you want to make friends while practising a language? Or maybe learn the local slang for your trip overseas?


Then join the UNSW Language Exchange Program!


We know how robotic language textbook conversations can be. So we've created a program where you can exchange language and cultural insights in a casual and conversational way. You'll be matched with up to 5 partners for reciprocal learning to give you real life exposure to cultural codes and local slang.

What is this program?

  • It allows you to gain language and cultural insights in a relaxed environment.
  • It’s open to all UNSW current students, including study abroad and exchange students. 
  • You can be a complete beginner in the language you wish to learn or an advanced speaker.
  • It’s FREE!

Why should I join this program?

  • Gain conversational experience and confidence in talking in another language
  • Learn the local slang (i.e. all the things you don’t get in a textbook)
  • Make friends from Australia and around the world
  • Increase your employability in Australia and abroad
  • Prepare for a trip, study, or employment abroad

Here's some fun facts:

Over 120 different language combinations have been exchanged by 12,000 program participants since 2010. 

Countless lifelong connections have been made, including two marriages! 

How does this program work?

1. Apply 

The program runs once a week for 90 minutes per session, from Week 2 to 10.

Applications for T1 2024 have closed now. Please check back near the end of Term 2 for applications for Term 3 2024. 

2. Get Matched

Our fancy algorithm will match you to your group buddies, on a first come first serve basis. You'll be put into a group of six and notified via email once you've been matched. 

Tip: For high-demand languages like English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese and Korean, we may not have enough native speakers to meet the demand. Apply early and list several language preferences to increase your chance of getting a match. 



Young university students talking with each other at university language event.


3. Meet and chat 

You'll be invited to the Language Exchange Launch on Thursday 22 February 2024.  Here you'll have the opportunity to meet your team and other program participants. You'll also get advice on how to share a language and get the most out of the experience. 

From there, you break off into your groups for 90 minutes every week. You have total freedom to choose what topics to talk about ... remember this isn't a formal class.

4. Completion 

Once you've met the program requirements, you'll receive a certificate to say that you've successfully completed the program! 

You can choose to continue the exchange connection after the program concludes. After all, you may have made lifelong friends. 

Let's hear from past participants

A group of young university students smiling on campus.





"(It) was a great opportunity to get back to learning Bahasa after leaving Indonesia 5 years ago. We met almost every week and made progress each time we met. Was overall a great experience and I will definitely continue learning Bahasa."

- Heechan Kang, Indonesian to Korean



It was good experience not only learning English from a native speaker, but also teaching my language to others.

- Mahiro Akiyoshi, Japanese to English

"We are a Mandarin and Japanese exchange group. At first we went through when2meet and found out the time slots where the most people were available. I then booked a study room at the main library for that time slot each week so that we could have a free space to discuss. At the first meeting we agreed on the topics we would discuss at each subsequent meeting, so we progressed very well after that. I really enjoyed being able to learn about some of the customs and unique cultures of different regions during this project."

- Hemu Li (Mandarin to Japanese)

Become a Language Exchange Facilitator

Do you have an interest in culture and language? Or perhaps you want to learn a foreign language while developing your leadership and interpersonal skills?

Application to become a Language Exchange Facilitator in T1 2024 are now closed. Applications for T3 2024 will be open towards the end of Term 2 2024. 

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