Professional Development Program (International Students)

Starting a career as an international student in a new country can be challenging, which is why UNSW Employability created the Professional Development Program!

Explicitly designed for international students, this program covers workplace communication skills, recruitment tips, employer expectations, and provides international students the opportunity to participate in group consulting projects hosted by various units across UNSW.

We are delighted to announce our proposed schedule for T2 2022:

3 day seminar: Monday 16 - Wednesday 18 May 2022

Consulting project: T2 Week 1 - T2 Week 8

***Applications for T2 2022 have now closed*** 

What's Involved?

3-day seminar

The three day seminar is held online and covers Australian workplace culture, recruitment tips, employer expectations and much more to help you enhance your employability. 

The sessions develop workplace communication and customer service skills helping you prepare for success in the Australian workplace. They include tips and tricks for the recruitment process, interviews and LinkedIn. 

The third day will finish with a live graduate panel and networking.

You will participate in compulsory live sessions and online learning activities.

Group consulting projects

After completing the online seminar program, all participants will be interviewed for the group consulting projects. This is your chance to practice video interviews which is a common recruitment process.

Upon these interviews, successful participants will be matched to team and with a UNSW staff member who you will work with on a real-life group project. Your supervisor will communicate with you and hold weekly meetings with your team to provide guidance and feedback. For students located in Sydney, there will also be opportunities to join meetings and initiatives on campus.  

This experience provides an opportunity for international students to practice skills gained from the program and work collaboratively with their team in reporting and presenting their project, receiving constructive feedback from your supervisor throughout.

The group consulting project is an AHEGS recognised university program, it will appear as a co-curricular activity on your secondary transcript when you graduate. 

Self-reflection questionnaires and evaluation feedback 

To successfully complete the program, you are required to complete self-reflection questionnaires and feedback at various stages of the program. This will help you consolidate your skill learning as well as monitor your development during the program.  

For those who undertake the group consulting project, you will be required to complete a project report and presentation with feedback provided by your supervisor.

Is It For Me?

To be eligible to apply for the T2 2022 program you need to be:

  • A current international student at UNSW with English as a second language 
  • Currently enrolled student in T2 2022 when the 3-day online seminars and group consulting projects take place
  • In second or subsequent year of your undergraduate study, or at any stage of your postgraduate degree
  • Have completed the Online Modules covering Resume, Cover Letter and Interview in order to enhance your application and prepare you for the program.

The Online Modules are available on The Learning & Career Hub Resource Library:

Self-Enrolment Key (Student): ResourceAccess

Key Dates

T2 2022 program dates

Applications open: Monday 14 March 

Online information session (Option 1): Friday 25 March 

Online information session (Option 2): Thursday 7 April

Applications close: 11:59pm Wednesday 27 April 

Application results released: Tuesday 3 May 


3-day online seminar: Monday 30 August - Wednesday 1 September 2021

Video interview for group consulting project: Thursday 2 September 2021

Interview results/group consulting projects assigned: Week of 6 September 2021

Introductory meeting with supervisor/project starts: T3 Week 1 (13 - 17 September)

Mid-project catch up session: T3 Week 4 (4 - 8 October)

Project reports due: T3 Week 6 (18 - 22 October)

Final presentation: T3 Week 7 (25 - 29 October)

Presentation feedback and program ends: T3 Week 8 (1 - 5 November)

How To Apply

Follow these steps to apply (T2 2022):

Step 1: Complete the Online Modules covering Resume, Cover Letter and Interview to enhance your application and prepare you for the program.

The Online Modules are available on The Learning & Career Hub Resource Library:

Self-Enrolment Key (Student): ResourceAccess

Step 2:  Update your resume based on what you have learned from the online modules

Step 3: Ensure you have read the FAQ's below about the program 

Step 4: Complete the online application form

Note: Numbers for the Program are limited, you are not automatically accepted into the Program even if you meet all eligibility requirements, your application will be assessed.

FAQ'S for T2 2022 online edition

How often does the PD Program run?
The PD Program runs two times a year in T2 and T3. The  seminars for Term 2 2022 program will be delivered online, however we will also offer on site networking opportunities with peers and program collborators.

How will this version of the program be run online?
The program will be delivered via Moodle with a mixture of online live sessions, recorded webinars, and activities where attendance and participation will be recorded. Onsite attendance will also be possible for some part of the seminars, including the final day 18 May, when we will host a live Alumni panel onsite

Will this version of the PD Program, offered online and onsite cover the same topics as the normal in person version?
Yes, the Program, although slightly different in format, will still cover Australian workplace culture, workplace communication skills, recruitment tips, employer expectations and much more to help you enhance your employability. You will still receive a certificate of completion at the end and be able to put this program on your resume. You will have the option to attend onsite but can fully complete the program online if you are offshore

If I am accepted into the PDP program for the 3-day seminars, does that guarantee me a spot in the online group consulting projects?
No. On the day after the 3-day seminar component, you will undertake an online interview for the group consulting projects. Pending these interviews, some students will get to participate in the group consulting project component, which is offered online with opportunity to meet with department supervisors on campus for some parts of the project.

How many group consulting projects are there?
The number of projects available are still be determined. On average 70-80% of the students who complete the 3-day seminar component are successfully in obtaining a UNSW workplace experience, (in this case a spot in an UNSW group consulting project).

How much work will there be involved for the group consulting project?
Group projects will take place starting from Week 1-Week 7 in Term 2. You will be expected to meet online with your supervisor once a week, produce a small report and provide a short presentation.  All supervisors understand that you are also taking classes at the same time and you will be responsible for managing your schedule with your team members and supervisors. We anticipate the group project taking up approximately 20-25 hours over this period.

How many students will be in a group consulting project?
Each project will have groups of 3-4 students working on the same project.

Will I get a group consulting project which is relevant to the course I am studying?
The group consulting projects will come from various units on campus and are designed to enable you to practice the skills you learn from the online program through a real-life group project supervised by a UNSW staff member. The projects will be broad enough for students from any discipline and will provide you with a very real reflection of the current workplace that we are all experiencing during these unprecedented times. It will also provide you with an experience of working with you through an online medium.

Are group consulting projects paid?
The PD Program is a volunteer placement, which provides an opportunity for international students to practise skills gained through the seminars. Students will get the participation in the group consulting projects recognised on their AHEGS

If you have any questions about the Program contact [email protected]

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