Alumni career profile: Suganya


UNSW Master of Computer Science - 2017

UNSW Bachelor of Science (Mathematics) - 2012

Current role

Software Developer



Current work activities and projects

I work in our Korean market team. I spend my morning with the Traders, talking about what has been happening, ensuring the trading platform is running smoothly.

As I’ve become more senior I’ve taken on larger pieces of development work, some deployment, analysis and evaluation, code reviews for colleagues, discussing new projects on the horizon. It depends where we are in the development cycle. The majority of my work is in C++, because it’s so effective from a latency perspective, and a little in Python for some of the data work.

I’ve enjoyed a lot of the projects I’ve worked on. Last year we were upgrading our auto traders, and I was responsible for rewriting the code in our trading strategies. There were many intricacies to consider in how we wanted it to behave, and how we would get the most value out of it. Considering if it was going to be fast enough or accurate enough; that was really fun.

Highlights of the role

It’s not just about 'here’s a problem, solve it and then it’s done forever'. It’s more like 'here’s a possible solution, and how can we make it even better'. What are the potential upsides and downsides to alternative ideas? We’re really about continuous improvement and lots of iteration. After you’ve made an improvement, it’s nice to be able to point to the results and know you were responsible.

I also like the people. It’s a friendly place to work, and I’ve learnt a lot from my colleagues.

Highlights of UNSW

Completing my honours thesis was definitely a highlight of my time at university; so much time is spent developing your idea that it's quite a moment when you’re finally holding that thesis in your hands. Likewise, I’ve been involved in a few projects at Optiver that have given me that same sense of satisfaction. Once they’ve been completed, I can see the results of our work on running in production and making a difference.

What I remember most about UNSW are the people I met. During my undergraduate years in particular, learning was definitely a group activity and we spent a lot of time together either just having fun or helping each other with whatever subjects we were studying that semester.

Advice for current students

Optiver is a great place if you enjoy a challenge, working autonomously and you are really keen to learn. You may not know much about finance, but if you’re curious about the industry it is a pretty great place to work.  In terms of interviewing, try and be relaxed so we can see the real you. No one is looking for perfection. 

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