Students’ Choice Teaching Award 2024: Recognise a staff member who has made an impact on YOU!


UNSW has some pretty amazing staff. Lecturers who are passionate, tutors who are engaging and staff who are supportive. The UNSW Students’ Choice Teaching Award recognises the people who go above and beyond to make your time at uni truly amazing.  

The Students’ Choice Teaching Award aims to thank staff who make a real positive impact on their students. Best of all, the nomination comes from YOU, the students, so we can truly hear what has made a difference for YOU. 

Not only will you get the warm fuzzies from nominating a great teacher, but students who write winning nominations will receive a $100 gift card of their choice.

Nominations close Sunday 28 July 2024.

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Winner Quotes from previous student nominations 

Winner: Associate Professor Mira Kim, School of Humanities & Languages, nominated by Ying Dong, student. 

“What I have learned from her made me find my way to become a stronger version of myself, and after the whole PELE course, I think I really gained confidence in myself.” 

"She acknowledges us as what we are, and it gives you such a power to accept yourself.” 

Winner: Dr Toby Boyson, School of Engineering and IT, UNSW Canberra, nominated by Grace Clee, student. 

“I gave him a call and explained to him how I feel like I don’t fit in at this uni, I don’t have the experience that the other students do, I felt like I was falling behind, and that I didn’t really have anything to contribute because I was different and Toby was like, ‘Yeah you are different, but that doesn’t mean you should quit because you have something else to bring to the table and you are capable of all of these things.’” 

Winner: Prof. Paul Hazell, School of Engineering and Technology, UNSW Canberra, nominated by Shakib Hyder Siddique, research student. 

“I find Professor Paul an influential figure. I was honoured to witness him giving a captivating speech during a conference. It was that day that I started to question my career aspirations. What skills do I need to refine today, so that I can have a better tomorrow? That’s when I realised that Professor Paul is truly an asset to this university, and I am so thankful to him for mentoring me into getting my doctorate here in Australia.” 

Hear from other previous winners and the students that nominated them.

Terms and Conditions

  • 2024 nominations are open from Monday 1 July until Sunday 28 July.
  • Nominators will be required to write a short statement explaining how and why the educator deserves an award. The winner will be judged on the content of that statement, with an emphasis on teachers who inspire, who motivate, and who change a student's worldview, self-image or aspirations
  • Nominations will be de-identified and judged by a panel of students who will choose the winners. To give your nomination the best chance of winning include details and examples to illustrate the impact this teacher has on their students
  • You may nominate teaching staff (lecturers, tutors, demonstrators etc) or professional staff (e.g. student services, careers, counselling etc)
  • You may nominate someone you have encountered at any point in your time at UNSW (does not have to be this term)
  • Winners will be announced at the university’s end-of-year Education Festival. 

For further information, please kindly contact the Educational Engagement team at [email protected].

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