Shakeela - UNSW Hero Testimonial

Shakeela Shahid

Bachelor of Information Systems

Currently working with UNSW IT - Project Management Office


Immersing myself in the UNSW Heroes program, I was hoping to gain voluntary experience to add to my resume. What I came out with was a lot more than I could have anticipated. This program has allowed me to not only enhance my technical and soft skills, but befriend some extremely talented and intriguing individuals, all from different faculties within UNSW.

One aspect UNSW Heroes excels at is establishing the missing link between a student and an entrepreneur. In my experience, the Hero Program has incited within me a desire to innovate and face the challenges of entrepreneurship. By being proactive and showing initiative, the program has also rewarded me with additional opportunities such as working in UNSW IT, and supervising informative workshops held by leading tech giants such as CISCO.

Participating in this program has been, in retrospect, one of the most invaluable experiences I have encountered at UNSW. So if you’re looking for something challenging, yet rewarding at the same time, take the leap... Become a Hero.

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