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Resume Checker is an online tool you can use anytime, anywhere, to get tailored feedback on your resume instantly and learn how to improve it.

Resume Checker provides feedback on:

  • Presentation and layout
  • Use of active verbs
  • Achievement statements
  • Words to avoid using and repeated words

You can upload your resume ten times (per year) to access feedback and example suggestions for improving your resume.

Use Resume Checker to gain feedback on your resume before booking in for a one-on-one Career Advice Appointment with a Career Coach, to get more out of the consultation!

Resume Checker is provided for free for UNSW current students by UNSW Careers. 

Step 1

Use our resources or attend a seminar on Writing am Effective Resume and Cover Letter to get started on your first resume or if it's been a while between resume updates.

Step 2

Log onto the Resume Checker using your zID and password. When prompted, choose your Faculty. If you are completing a double degree, choose the Faculty that aligns with your future career.

Upload your resume in PDF format and receive a 'Resume Score' and tailored feedback. Improve your resume and re upload to get your 'Resume Score' into the green zone range.

Step 3

Book a one-on-one Career Coaching Session with a Career Coach to take your resume to the next level and further tailor your resume for specific industries, jobs and opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Faculty do I choose if I am doing a double degree?

Choose the Faculty that best aligns with your future career.

Can I use Resume Checker if I don’t have a word version of my resume?

Yes, you can upload any PDF version of your resume, however, if you have not followed the recommended UNSW template the system may not recognise that you have all of the information in your resume. This means the overall score given to your resume will be low even if you have the right information included. You can still use the feedback to improve the content of your resume.

Can I download the feedback?

Not at this stage. It is best to have the Resume Checker platform and your resume open at the same time to switch between the two documents to incorporate the feedback.

Can I edit inside the Resume Checker in real time?

No, you need to open both the program and your resume separately to incorporate the feedback.

What do the initial scores and colours mean?

Green = a score above 85 which means you have included many of the key elements

Yellow = a score between 31and 85, which means you are missing many of the key elements

Red = a score below 30 means that you have a lot of elements missing from your resume and will need to incorporate the feedback to improve your score and overall resume

What do the X, ! and ✓ symbols mean?

X = mandatory section – you can increase the overall score of your resume by making sure you complete all mandatory sections

! = optional section – include these items if relevant

✓ = complete – you have done a good job in these sections

Why is the presentation section worth so many points?

Presentation is an important component of your resume and you want to make sure you are putting your best foot forward and communicating in a professional manner.

Why did I lose points on my date format?

Careers and Employment recommend that you follow the suggested date format, however, if you have a good reason for using another format, that is OK as long as you are consistent throughout your document. If you keep your original date formatting, your overall score will be reduced.

What are filler words and how do I use the feedback?

Filler words are words that the system has identified as unnecessary and can potentially be removed for a more succinct document. This feedback can be reviewed with a Career Coach in your appointment. 

What are avoided words and how do I use that feedback?

Avoided words are words that the system has identified as unnecessary and can potentially be removed for a more succinct document. This feedback can be reviewed with a Career Coach in your appointment. 

Do I have to include referee details?

No, you can say “Available upon request”, but you do need to use the title “Referees” (don’t forget the “s”).

Does the system check my grammar?

No, it doesn’t. You should complete your grammar check outside of the system. The Learning & Career Hub is also a good place of support with excellent resources to help improve your grammar.

How do I maintain my privacy?

To maintain privacy, you can remove your name, phone and email address from your resume before uploading to Resume Checker.

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