Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam

Here you can find information about our UNSW global partner: Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam.

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UNSW Term of study:

Term 3


Viet Nam

Type of study:

Student exchange

Relevant to UNSW Faculty/Discipline:

Law & Justice

Language of instruction:

Some English

Level of study:

Undergraduate, Honours, Postgraduate coursework

More information

The Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam (DVA) offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs for students as well as mid-career training courses for the staff of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  It comprises of 5 Faculties including International Politics and Diplomacy, International Economics, International Law, International Communication and Culture, and English Language, and the Centre for Foreign Service Training.  DAV is proud to be a leading institution in the study of international relations, giving advice on foreign policy. They also host the Centre for Strategic Studies and the Centre for South China Sea Studies.  Located in the centre of Hanoi, the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam offer students the opportunity to develop critical thinking, innovation and professional skills. 

Further information about the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam is available via the fact sheet in the Moodle Exchange Tutorial.

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