Term 1 O-Week takes place Monday 7 – Friday 11 February 2022

 Day 1 (Mon 7)   Day 2 (Tue 8)   Day 3 (Wed 9)   Day 4 (Thur 10)   Day 5 (Fri 11)

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Ask Us About Clubs

Want some help navigating our wide range of Clubs? Come and talk to an expert and we'll help to find the right fit for you, and show you where to to find them during O-Week and beyond.

Clubs Online Activities

Get a taste of our vibrant club culture, all from the comfort of your bed. With all the exciting events and the Clubs Spotlight live-stream, you couldn't find more variety if you tried.

Parent & Caregiver Information Session (English)

UNSW provides various support services and information to help our commencing students get ready to commence their studies. This session is for all parents and caregivers of international students who are starting at UNSW.

Parent & Caregiver Information Session (Mandarin)


Club Events

With over 300 Clubs at UNSW, you're sure to find your tribe!

UNSW Founders Coaching Clinic

Meet with one of our coaches to understand the world of startups and if it's something you want to learn about during your time at UNSW!


You've heard of speeddating? Well speedfriending is the fun, and chilled version. You're gonna love it!

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