University of Warwick International Intensive Summer Program (WIISP) 2023

Venice canals
Published: 13 Feb 2023


University of Warwick International Intensive Summer Program (WIISP) will challenge your thinking, develop your confidence, and open up a world of new opportunities. You’ll consider new ideas, apply theory to real world issues working in teams and individually, and develop new networks, connections and friendships. This will provide you strong analytical and research methods skills which also enhance your employability profile for a globalised world of work, derived from a transformative blend of online learning and intercultural engagement. 

Access to intercultural training and undergraduate research schemes will provide further enhancement of your skills.

The intensive nature of this program lets you focus purely on your chosen modules.

To undertake this program in Term 2 2023, students will enrol in the 12 UoC UNSW General Education course ‘CDEV3013 Experience Term’.

The following streams are on offer for UNSW students. Module A in each stream will be undertaken at the University of Warwick and Module B will be undertaken in Venice:

  1. Humanities
  2. Sustainability:
  3. Business

Enrolment Type and Fees

Enrolment Type: Students will be enrolled in the UNSW 12 UoC Gen Ed course CDEV3013 Experience Term.

Fees: Students will pay regular tuition fees for the UNSW 12 UoC Gen Ed course.

Additional Costs:

Additional non-tuition costs are the responsibility of the student. These include but are not limited to:

  • Airfares
  • Accommodation (Approx. £225 - £680 per week depending on option and location)
  • Living expenses (Approx. £150 per week (e.g. for groceries and local travel)
  • Social activities and tourism
  • For further details of living costs at Warwick see: Guide for full year students.


  • Up to 20 UNSW students will be selected for the program.
  • Participating UNSW students will receive a $1000 UNSW travel grant to put towards their travel expenses.
  • Undergraduate Australian Citizens may also wish to apply for OS-HELP loans to support this experience.


Students should register their interest for this program at:

by 20th February 2023.

Further information will then be sent by email.

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